How to Get Repute in Destiny 2 (Season of Plunder)

Season of Plunder Repute

Season of Plunder brought a lot of new features and with the new activities, the Pirate Crew is one of them, providing Guardians with a huge boost in activities.

Repute is considered as a material that needs to be obtained to hire and further upgrade your crew to give you better performance and bonuses in Season of Plunder.

While these are not collected regularly, these may easily be obtained as you progress through the season.

How to Get Repute?

Repute may be obtained as a reward for completing some of the weekly challenges that are available in Season of Plunder.

Most of them can easily be obtained after you progress with the different Pirate Hideouts as you turn in relics at the H.E.L.M.

Currently, the following weekly challenges reward you with 1 Repute each:

  • Antiquarian I
  • Antiquarian II
  • Expert Expedition I

Repute Use

Repute is used to hire members to join your crew and can afterward be used to upgrade them further to unlock bonuses.

These bonuses will benefit you greatly as you continue to do activities found in Season of Plunder, mainly Ketchcrash and Expedition missions.

Every time you hire a crew member or upgrade them in the Pirate Crew menu, a 1 Repute will be consumed.

How To Claim Repute?

To claim Repute, simply head to the Seasonal Challenges section found in the Seasons 18 menu and select the claim reward option.

This becomes available once you have completed the specific objectives for a seasonal weekly challenge that has Repute as one of its rewards.

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