Destiny 2 Polysemy Mission Walkthrough

Polysemy mission (Season of the wish) D2

  • Mission Type: Season of The Wish
  • Mission Location: Riven’s Lair, Spirit’s Anchor

With a bargain already struck, the Guardian needs to do their part to fulfill the demands that Riven makes, which now includes obtaining her eggs.

You will need to head into Riven’s Lair through the Spirit’s Anchor and proceed with searching for her eggs but enemies are also lurking about.

Polysemy is a solo/coop variant of the Riven’s Lair activity that is part of the Seasonal Quest, “Wishing All the Best”.

How To Get Polysemy?

Polysemy is added to your available options in the H.E.L.M. once you have completed Quest Step 4 in the Wishing All The Best Seasonal Quest.

Quest Step 4 has you completing Blind Well runs in the Dreaming City to adjust the Ley Lines so that Riven can locate her eggs.

Polysemy Mission Objectives

1) Traverse the Liar and Slay What Lurks Within

You will begin in Riven’s Lair and a portal will have been opened for you, which you will need to go inside to reach The Crossing.

2) Reach the Next Pathway

Follow the waypoint and you will eventually reach another portal, which will take you to the Fetid Conduit in Riven’s Lair. (Go inside the portal)

3) Form a Portal to Escape the Trapped Room

The Fetid Conduit will have traps all over it, which include spikes that spring out of the floor (instantly killing you) and platforms that push you.

You will need to get passed these traps to search for the circular plates that need to be stood on to activate the portal. (Vex enemies will be present)

Once you step on all 3 of the plates, a portal will open up nearby, which you may now enter to leave the Fetid Conduit room.

4) Escape Through the Portal

Follow the waypoint as it will be marking where the portal is located and go inside, which will bring you to the Garden of Plenty.

5) Dispense With the Vex Guarding the Imprisoned Ogre

The Vex in the area will have captured a Taken Ogre and you will need to clear them out before you can proceed further.

6) Use an Arc Cranium to Destroy the Vex Nodes and Release the Ogre

There will be 4 Vex Nodes, whose barriers have been removed but destroying them requires you to obtain an Arc Cranium.

You will need to defeat the Arc-Charged Minotaurs to get them to drop the weapon and you will need to use this to destroy the Vex Nodes.

7) Defeat the Ogre and Its Wardens

After destroying the Vex Nodes, the Raging Ogre will be free and more Vex enemies will appear, which requires that you defeat all of them.

8) Reach the Catacombs Through the Portal (Enter the portal)

Another portal will be open and you will need to head inside of it to get to the Splintered Geode, which is where more Vex will be waiting.

9) Form a Portal to Escape the Trapped Room

The Splintered Geode will be similar to the Fetid Conduit and will have traps in it that you must avoid while attempting to form another portal.

Once again you will need to get passed the traps and step on the plates to activate a portal that will get you out of the room.

10) Escape Through the Portal

Make your way to the portal that just opened up and go inside to reach The Pavilion, where you will find more Vex waiting.

11) Defeat the Aspirational Construct

After clearing out the group of Vex enemies, a boss called the Aspirational Construct will appear and summon more to attack you.

You will need to clear out the enemies and take out Arc-Charged Minotaurs to get an Arc Cranium that is capable of damaging the Aspirational Construct’s shield.

Continue doing this until you have defeated the Aspirational Construct but watch out for its allies as they can swarm you if you leave too many of them standing.

12) Retrieve the Egg for Riven

The egg will be marked by a waypoint and you will need to interact with it to transmit the egg to Riven, which shortly completes the mission.

Polysemy Rewards

Once the Polysemy mission is complete, you will receive Riven’s Egg (this is removed later) and a Legendary Weapon from the Season of the Wish.

Additionally, completing this mission will complete the Polysemy triumph, and Quest Step 5 of the Seasonal Quest (Wishing All the Best) will be finished.


Riven’s Lair appears to have been designed to keep trespassers out but for some reason the Vex and other enemies are present.

You were successfully able to get passed several traps but will encounter more whenever you continue the search for Riven’s Eggs.

With one of her eggs obtained, Riven expects you to obtain more when she locates them and this will need to keep going to make her believe that Mara Sov will stick with the bargain.

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