Destiny 2 How to Get Opulent Umbral Energy

Destiny 2 Opulent Umbral Energy

Opulent Umbral Energy is a material that was newly added during the Season of the Haunted, which players needed for acquiring specific gear.

The Crown of Sorrow provides players with the ability to Focus Umbral Engrams into Opulent Weapons or Haunted Weapons and Armor.

Farming Opulent Umbral Energy is a must for those who want to obtain better variants of the Season of the Haunted gear they previously obtained.

Where to Get Opulent Umbral Energy?

Opulent Umbral Energy can be obtained from doing the Sever missions which take place in the Derelict Leviathan but can be selected from the Moon in the destinations tab.

Once players have unlocked the Sever activities, they can choose between which ones they want to do and play them to get Opulent Umbral Energy.

How to Get Opulent Umbral Energy?

There are currently two ways to farm Opulent Umbral Energy efficiently while there are also two additional ways to obtain them. The Nightmare Containment Public Event and the Sever activities are currently the best ways to get Opulent Umbral Energy.

Below you can read more about all those four ways of getting the Opulent Umbral Energy:

1) Nightmare Containment Public Event

Completing Containment Nightmare Public Events on Castellum (Derelict Leviathan) can reward players with Opulent Energy when they bind Vestiges of Dread.

This requires you to complete Tier 3 of the event and will allow you to interact with the Nightmare Harvester to bind the Vestiges of Dread for rewards.

There is also an upgrade at the Crown of Sorrows called “Umbral Binding” which provides you with more Opulent Umbral Energy when you bind Vestiges of Dread.

Currently this is considered the best Umbral Energy farm method alongside doing Sever missions for their chests once you have multiple Bound Presence.

2) Sever Activity Reward Chests

Opulent Umbral Energy can also be obtained by opening the Bound Chests at the end of Sever activities, which requires completing the mission.

The chest will become available after you have defeated the final boss and will require at least 1 Bound Presence to be opened.

Having more than 1 Bound Presence will consume all of them to provide you with more rewards based on the amount that you have.

3) Seasonal of the Haunted Challenge Rewards

Aside from the two previously mentioned methods, which are the best ways to farm Opulent Umbral Energy, you may also get them as rewards from Seasonal Challenges.

There are certain challenges that you can complete which will reward you with an amount of Opulent Umbral Energy.

These may only be claimed once so they are not something you can repeat an unlimited number of times but every drop counts.

4) Season of the Haunted Rank Rewards

Destiny 2 Opulent Umbral Energy

Another way to get Opulent Umbral energy is through rewards from the Season of the Haunted level-up rewards.

You can get a certain amount of Opulent Umbral energy depending on how you progress with leveling your rank.

This may not be the most efficient way, but it still does help by giving you a little extra from time to time which you can save for later.

Opulent Umbral Energy Use

Opulent Umbral Energy is one of the requirements players need when they will be Focusing Umbral Engrams to get Season of the Haunted Equipment.

The following can be focused on using Opulent Umbral Energy:

1) Opulent Weapon Focusing

  • Austringer (Hand Cannon)
  • Drange – Baroque (Sidearm)
  • Beloved (Sniper Rifle)
  • Calus Mini-Tool (Submachine Gun)

2) Haunted Weapon Focusing

  • Hollow Denial (Trace Rifle)
  • Bump in the Night (Rocket Launcher)
  • Tears of Contrition (Scout Rifle)
  • Nezarec’s Whisper (Glaive)
  • Firefright (Auto Rifle)
  • Without Remorse (Shotgun)

3) Haunted Armor Focusing

The Season of the Haunted Armor Focusing allows you to create pieces of gear from the Eidolon Pursuant set, which varies amongst the different classes.

Each of the pieces of armor will come with random stats, including one random high stat, which players tend to want to roll for.

Now that your Ghost has “Armorer” mods, you can choose which stat you want to be the highest, allowing you to make a build for your Guardian.

Opulent Umbral Energy Carry Limit

While Opulent Umbral Energy Comes in small amounts, there is a limit to how much you can carry at a time which makes it necessary to use them to avoid wasting.

The Opulent Energy Cap is set to 200 and afterward you will not be able to obtain more unless you use some by focusing gear at the Crown of Sorrow.

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