Destiny 2 How to Get Vestige of Dread

Destiny 2 Vestige of Dread

Vestige of Dread is a resource that was added to Destiny 2 when the Season of the Haunted was first introduced, later is needed for progression and rewards.

This resource is an important resource that you will be farming if you aim to obtain rewards for the Season of the Haunted, including weapons, armor, and more.

While players may see that this resource is needed in large amounts, it is easy to farm Vestige of Dread and you can do so in a small amount of time.

Where to Get Vestige of Dread?

If you notice the Vestige of Dread not dropping when you are on the Moon, you are in the wrong place because it is in the Derelict Leviathan, which is located there.

To get the Vestige of Dread, you will need to fast travel to Castellum which is located at the bottom left of the moon. The Derelict Leviathan is the ship of Calus, the father of Caiatl, who has attempted to take control of the Lunar Pyramid.

How to Get Vestige of Dread?

There are several ways for you to farm Vestige of Dread and depending on what is more comfortable for you, there are a lot of options.

If you are in the Derelict Leviathan, you will pretty much get started getting Vestige of Dread from almost anything you do.

This includes finding resource nodes, opening chests, killing enemies, participating in public events, and more.

Below you can read more about all the best ways of getting the Vestige of Dread:

1) Activities

One of the fastest ways to get Vestige of Dread is by doing activities such as Gambit, Crucible, and Vanguard Playlists.

These give over 200 Vestige of Dread every time you complete them, allowing you to quickly farm enough to be used for later.

Depending on which mode you find the easiest, you can choose to your liking, but most players prefer Gambit or Crucible.

2) Nightmare Containment Public Event

During Season of the Haunted, one of the most done activities would be the Nightmare Containment Public Event.

This is the event that can be done on the Derelict Leviathan that puts you into 3 tiers which you need to complete to bind the Vestiges of Dread at the end if you have enough.

Aside from going after the reward at the end, you can get a lot of Vestige of Dread as you continuously do these public events.

One of the best ways to farm Vestige of Dread on Castellum is to do these public events while also grabbing patrols, material nodes, and chests.

3) Collect Petrified Egregore

The Petrified Egregore is the Vestige of Dread material nodes which can be found all around Castellum in the Derelict Leviathan.

It is easy to spot these from afar because of their red glow and you can collect them while doing public events as an extra source of Vestige of Dread.

Collecting these will give you around 10 Vestige of Dread.

4) Derelict Leviathan Patrols

The Derelict Leviathan Patrols are a good way to get rewards, especially the Vestige of Dread, and to make things better you can do some while participating in Nightmare Containment.

One of the things to keep in mind is that you should not move too far from the area, or you will leave the event, but this is less likely to happen with the patrol that looks like a Nightmare.

The Nightmare variant of the Derelict Leviathan Patrol usually just requires that you kill enemies anywhere in Castellum.

You may want to avoid the robot variant of the Derelict Leviathan Patrols if you intend on participating in the Nightmare Containment.

This is because these patrols need you to explore and scan a different area, which will cause you to leave the event if you do so.

It is best to stick with the Nightmare variant of the Patrol while you do the Nightmare Containment, you can also grab Petrified Egregore as you go along.

Completing Derelict Leviathan Patrols will usually give you around 50 Vestige of Dread.

5) Opening Derelict Leviathan Chests

Just like with other destinations, the Derelict Leviathan has chests of its own scattered all around Castellum which you can find.

Some can be found in the other areas while others need to be reached by unlocking doors, which can be done when exploring after completing the Nightmare Containment Public Event.

You will usually run into these when doing the explore patrol or when looking around as you kill stronger enemies in Castellum.

Opening a Derelict Leviathan chest will give you around 40 Vestige of Dread and other goodies.

6) High-Value Targets

Castellum has some high-value targets hanging around some of the other parts and when you kill these enemies, a chest will appear.

Opening this chest will provide you with Vestiges of Dread and other rewards, you also get a good amount for killing other enemies too.

This may require that you explore the areas more and would be good to do whenever you are doing the explore patrol.

Opening a chest dropped by a high-value target will usually give around 60 Vestige of Dread.

7) Opulent Chest

An Opulent Chest is tied to a specific Opulent Key which shows a hint as to where you can find them when you read the description in your inventory.

Searching for these may be hard at first but you get used to them eventually and aside from the Vestiges of Dread, they give legendary gear too.

Opulent Chests may not be the best way to get Vestige of Dread, but it is a good source of multiple rewards and wouldn’t hurt to grab along the way.

8) Killing Enemies in the Derelict Leviathan

Pretty much one of the easiest things to do is to kill enemies, and luckily, this also provides you with a small number of Vestiges of Dread.

Not all enemies will drop Vestiges of Dread though, but the chance for you to get them when killing enemies is high.

As you do your things in Castellum such as Nightmare Containment or patrols and whatnot, you will eventually kill multiple enemies which provides you with Vestige of Dread.

How to Use Vestige of Dread?

Vestige of Dread is the main resource that is used during Season of the Haunted as it is required for progressing through the Seasonal Quest, which requires binding.

You use the Vestiges of Dread at the end of the Nightmare Containment Public Event and will bind 500 of them to get rewards, including a Bound Presence.

The Bound Presence can later be used during the Sever activities to unlock even Season of the Haunted gear and Opulent Umbral Energy.

Visage of the Reaper Armor Perk

If things were not easy enough, there is more to help with your Vestige of Dread farm session, wearing the seasonal gear from Season of the Haunted.

The Season of the Haunted gear each has the Visage of the Reaper Armor Perk, which provides 5% additional Vestiges of Dread from all sources.

This perk provides 5% per piece of armor and will stack up to 20% and that is pretty good since it affects all sources, making Vestige of Dread farming super easy.

Vestige of Dread Carry Limit

While it is not a big issue, there is a Vestige of Dread cap or carry limit that prevents you from holding more than 2500 at once.

However, if you want to haul a lot of Vestige of Dread and prepare for doing non-stop Nightmare Containment, there is an option to upgrade the carry limit.

You can access the upgrades through the Crown of Sorrow in the H.E.L.M. and there will be an upgrade called “Vestige Capacity” which costs 1 Figment of Darkness.

This upgrade will double the amount of Vestige of Dread that you can carry, allowing you to hold a maximum of 5000 at a time.

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