Destiny 2 How to Get Bound Presence

Destiny 2 Bound Presence

Just when players thought that Vestiges of Dread were the only thing that needed farming, it turns out another resource was also added during the season (Season of the Haunted), Bound Presence.

Bound Presence material is a rather rarer one to obtain as it may take more time than most materials that can be farmed in Destiny 2.

Despite Bound Presence taking more time and effort to obtain, it does provide rewards related to the Season of the Haunted.

Where to Get Bound Presence?

You may obtain Bound Presence in Castellum on the Derelict Leviathan, as pretty much all the Season of the Haunted items are only obtainable there.

How to Get Bound Presence?

If you are wondering how to get Bound Presence, the answer is you simply need to complete a Nightmare Containment activity.

After you complete all tiers (there are 3) and defeat the final boss at the end, you will be able to bind Vestiges of Dread (you need 500) to get rewards.

The only problem is, that the Bound Presence will not always drop, and this means you may have to grind Nightmare Containment activities if you want a lot of them.

To bind Vestiges of Dread and get a chance to obtain a Bound Essence, you need to interact with the Nightmare Harvester at the end of the Nightmare Containment and interact with it.

You will not be able to bind Vestiges of Dread if you do not have 500 so you must check first and farm beforehand.

The Bound Presence drop rate may seem a bit low at times and to do a good Bound Presence farm session, it would be good to have several Vestiges of Dread.

How to Use Bound Presence?Destiny 2 Bound Presence

Bound Presence is needed to open the optional chest that you find at the end of Sever activities, which can be done by viewing the Moon destination.

All the Sever activities will have a chest at the end when you defeat the boss but to open it, you need at least 1 Bound Presence in your inventory.

Opening these chests will provide you with legendary gear from the Season of the Haunted as well as Opulent Umbral Energy, which is used to focus Haunted weapons and armor.

Because of the Bound Presence limit, players will tend to go and do Sever activities shortly after a few Nightmare Containment runs if they were able to obtain any.

Aside from all the goodies you get from opening it, this will also provide you with Crown Influence.

Bound Presence Carry Limit

The maximum amount of Bound Presence you can carry is 5, which is not bad since they are quite rare and the best thing about them is they are consumed at the same time.

This means that if you have multiple Bound Presence, you can use all of them to get even more rewards, which saves you the time of having to keep on repeating Sever missions.

For example, if you have 4 Bound Keys, the rewards you get for opening a chest will be the same as if you opened 4 chests, quite the time saver.

It is best to take notice of the Bound Presence cap before you do more Nightmare Containments so you do not waste the chance to get more.

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