Destiny 2 Eliksni Quarter Donations Chest (Rewards & Community Goals)

Donation Chest (Season of Plunder)

The Donation Chest is an available vendor that can be accessed during the Season of Plunder and relates to the helping of the Eliksni Quarter.

Through the donation of Captain’s Coins and other treasure, you can obtain various rewards in exchange for the help you have provided.

Players will be able to obtain several rewards throughout the event and can even get a few exotic goodies.

Donate Captain’s Coins

You can donate Captain’s Coins as long as the event remains, and these will be counted in total as well as provide you with an Eliksni Quarter Gift Box.

Each Eliksni Quarter Gift Box can be opened may provide you with the rewards listed below:

  • Deepsight Resonance Weapon
  • Eververse Engram
  • Bright Dust
  • Glimmer

There is no limit as to how many Eliksni Quarter Gift Boxes you can obtain and each of them will require you to have at least 1,000 Captain’s Coins.

Personal Rewards

Aside from being able to obtain Eliksni Quarter Gift Boxes, you will also be able to obtain certain rewards depending on how much treasure you have donated.

There are other treasures that you can donate that count as treasure which are the following:

  • Map Fragments
  • Treasure Coordinates
  • Microphasic Datalattice
  • Spinmetal Leaves

You will be able to see how much treasure you have donated in total and will get the following rewards upon reaching a certain amount:

Eliksni Quarter Community Event Goals

You can track the progress of the community and see the total amount of treasure that has been donated here, which unlocks the ability to do more during the event.

The following are the community goals as well as the Eliksni Quarter improvements that unlock more options for the Donation Chest:

Community Goal I: Cleanup – Removes debris and improves accessibility for Eliksni Quarter (allows you to donate Map Fragments to Donation Chest)

Community Goal II: The Ether Tank – Improves The Ether Tank in Eliksni Quarter (allows you to donate Treasure Coordinates to Donation Chest)

Community Goal III: Comforts – Secures imports for the Eliksni Community (allows you to donate Destination Materials to Donation Chest)

Community Goal IV: Recruits – Enables Eliksni to enroll in Tower security forces (allows you to purchase Eliksni Quarter Gift Boxes from Donation Chest)

Community Goal V: Housing – Builds additional housing in the Eliksni Quarter (gives a chance for Eliksni Quarter Gift Box to drop when completing Strike activities)

Community Goal VI: Garden – Adds a community garden to the Eliksni Quarter (gives a chance for Eliksni Quarter gift Box to drop when completing Gambit activities)

Community Goal VII: Town Square – Establishes a Town Square in the Eliksni Quarter (gives a chance for Eliksni Quarter Gift Box to drop when completing Crucible activities)


Helping the Eliksni Quarter is a good way to improve things in the Last City and it sets players to work towards a common goal.

Throughout the event, you can get a lot of goodies that can be beneficial to you later in the game and large amounts.

There are many ways you can obtain Eliksni Quarter Gift Boxes and once you have a ton on you, the rewards will be worth the effort.

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