Destiny 2 A Rising Tide Quest Steps

Destiny 2 A Rising Tide Community Event Quest

The previous events throughout the game as well as the Season of Plunder have allowed you to collect a huge amount of treasure over time and now a chance to put it to good use.

A Rising Tide is a quest that became available following Season of Plunder and is set to help the Eliksni Quarter get back on its feet.

With the help of all the Guardians, not only will the Eliksni quarter benefit from this but also the Last City in the future.

How To Get A Rising Tide Quest?

As you log in during the community event, you will see the notification which reads “Put That Treasure To Good Use” meaning the event has started.

After this has appeared, you simply need to head over to The Tower in your destinations tab and head over to the Donation Chest (Vendor) in the event area.

Once you interact with the Donation Chest, you will be able to accept the quest from there and can begin helping out the Eliksni Quarter.

A Rising Tide Quest Steps

Step 1: Collect Captain’s Coins

The first thing you will need to do is get your hand on some Captain’s Coins, which can be done by doing Ketchcrash missions, Expeditions, Lost Sectors, Public Events, and other activities.

You can also obtain Captain’s Coins from opening Destination Chests, so this makes it pretty easy to get your hands on them.

Step 2: Donate Captain’s Coins

After you have acquired some Captain’s Coin (you only need one to proceed), you will need to head back to the Donation Chest at The Tower.

Once you are back at The Tower, interact with the Donation Chest and you will be able to donate Captain’s Coins to continue with the next quest step.

Step 3: Visit Improvement I: Cleanup

Your next step will be to head over to the Eliksni Quarter to visit the improvements made, starting with the cleanup that has been done.

Head over to the Eliksni Quarter and approach the area that is marked by a waypoint and you will be able to interact and complete the quest step.

Some people have claimed that A Rising Tide quest step 3 is bugged but this may have been since progress was not yet made with global donations in the game.

At this point, you should be able to visit all the improvements and complete the quest quickly by heading to each of them and interacting.

Examining the area will allow you to hear Mithrax talking about how the donations are helping out and you can see that some NPCs are cleaning the area now.

Step 4: Visit Improvement II: The Ether Tank

Make your way towards the Ether Tank and interact with the marked area to examine the area and you will notice how there are now more people and the place is livelier.

Mithrax explains that Spider took his advice and made improvements, which shows that Spider is quite reliable in some ways.

Step 5: Visit Improvement III: Comforts

The next step will point you towards the back of the Either Tank and you can head over by exiting on the left and continuing your way left again to where Spider keeps his treasures.

It looks like Spider has kept his treasure nearby to preserve some of the cultures which is a good display for everyone to see.

Step 6: Visit Improvements IV: Recruits

Head over to the other side of the Ether Tank and interact with the area, which shows that there are now more Eliksni Warriors in the area.

Mithrax explains that the Eliksni are starting to undergo Vanguard security training, which means that the Eliksni are being more welcomed to the Last City.

Step 7: Visit Improvement V: Housing

Your next step will be to go over to the housings area which is marked by a waypoint up a ramp, which will allow you to see improvements done to abandoned homes.

The Eliksni appear to be getting better housing, which will provide more comfort for them in the long run and is a big improvement for the quarter.

Step 8: Visit Improvement VI: Garden

After viewing the housing area, head over to the garden, which you may have noticed earlier, and interact with the marked location.

Mithrax begins to tell you that Spider came up with this improvement on his own and claimed it would be something Mithrax would enjoy.

It was indeed true as Mithrax believes the garden will be a huge benefit for everyone and it is a good way for the Eliksni to do their part to help everyone.

Step 9: Visit Improvement VII: Town Square

Your last stop is to visit the Town Square, which can be found just near the housing area and is marked by a waypoint.

Interact with the area and Mithrax will tell you that it is a place for the community and will be a way to welcome everyone.

After visiting the town Square, the quest will be complete and you will get the rewards for its completion.

A Rising Tide Rewards 

Upon completion of the A Rising Tide quest, you will be rewarded with an Eliksni Quarter Gift Box, which may include a Deepsight Resonance Weapon, Eververse Engram, Bright dust, or Glimmer.

After completing the quest, you can continue collecting Captain’s Coins as well as other types of treasure to donate to the Donation Box to get even more rewards.


The improvements in the Eliksni Quarter have been completed due to the help of all the Guardians who took the time to do the event.

With your contributions, you can help out the Eliksni Quarter even more and get good rewards even after this quest is complete.

The combined efforts of the Guardians, The Vanguard, and the Eliksni will make the future for everyone in the Last City even better as time goes by.

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