Destiny 2 Spin to Win Quest Steps

Slicing and dicing your enemies is one way to thin out a mob and when it comes to swords, there is a certain Masterworked Legendary Sword you can get from Lord Shaxx.

This is done by completing the Spin to Win Quest, which is obtainable from Arcite 99-40 if you have the time to visit him at the Hall of Champions.

Completing this quest will require that you chop up a lot of combatants though, so be sure to equip your favorite sword and start slicing up those enemies.

Lord of War (Lord Shaxx)

How To Get Spin to Win Quest?

Spin To Win is one of the quests that are available from Arcite 99-40, which can be found at the end of the Hall of Champions to the right of Lord Shaxx.

This quest will offer you two ways to prove that you are worthy of wielding the Falling Guillotine that Lord Shaxx plans to give you if you are successful.

Spin to Win Quest StepsSpin To Win Quest Info

Step 1: Complete One of The Following Objectives.

You can complete the Spin To Win quest by completing one of two objectives, which both involve the usage of any type of sword to defeat enemies.

The first option is to rapidly defeat combatants with Swords anywhere but if you choose to do this during Onslaught Activities, more progress will be made.

Another way that you can complete this step is to simply defeat enemies with any sword but this can take much longer with the plus side being that you can do it with other activities.

  • Complete Objective

Step 2: Return to the Hall of Champions and Unlock Falling Guillotine to the Appropriate Holo-Shaxx

After you have proved that you are worthy of the sword that Lord Shaxx plans to give you, visiting the Falling Guillotine Holo-Shaxx will be your next step.

You can find this Holo-Shaxx by going down the stairs after entering the Hall of Champions and entering the first room on the right. (You will see the Holo-Shaxx wielding a sword)

  • Visit Falling Guillotine Holo-Shaxx

Step 3: Speak to Shaxx Within the Hall of Champions and Claim Your Prize

Lord Shaxx will be pleased with your accomplishment and now it is time to get a reward for chopping up hundreds of enemies with your swords by visiting him.

  • Visit Shaxx

Spin to Win Quest Rewards

Once you have completed the required steps, you may visit Lord Shaxx to receive the Falling Guillotine from him, which will be a Masterworked version of the sword.

In addition to obtaining the Legendary Sword, you will also receive 200 Hype (Lord Shaxx Reputation) as a result of completing the quest.


Swords can be quite useful in any fight, especially since they can defeat enemies in a single hit or deal severe damage to bosses.

The Fallen Guillotine is one of the better swords based on the opinion of certain players due to the range at which it can hit multiple enemies.

Onslaught Activities will make short work of this quest as you can easily defeat multiple enemies with any sword and there are often Heavy Ammo Caches that you can loot.

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