Destiny 2 Edgelord Quest Steps

One of the quests introduced for attunement is called Edgelord, which is available once you speak with Arcite 99-40.

This quest involves the usage of Grenade Launchers as Guardians who prove themselves worthy will have access to the Edge Transit Legendary Grenade Launcher.

Not only does this allow you to attune yourself to the Edge Transit, but you also get an upgraded version of it for completing this quest.

Lord of War (Lord Shaxx)

How To Get Edgelord Quest?

You may acquire the Edgelord Quest from Arcite 99-40 as this Vendor provides you with similar quests that were introduced together with Into The Light.

This quest is mostly revealed when players log into the game for the first time after the Into The Light update as is revealed later during the Feats of Bravery quest.

Edgelord Quest StepsEdgelord Quest Info

Step 1: Complete One of The Following Objectives.

Completing Edgelord requires that you start blowing enemies up with a Grenade Launcher of your choice and there are two options to complete step 1.

The first option is to rapidly defeat combatants using Heavy Ammo Grenade Launchers anywhere in the system but more progress is earned if they defeat combatants in Onslaught.

Another choice is to simply defeat combatants and this can be done anywhere but since it is not done rapidly, the progress is much slower but this can be done wherever you want.

  • Complete Objective

Step 2: Return to the Hall of Champions and Unlock Edge Transit to the Appropriate Holo-Shaxx

Once you have completed the first step of the Edgelord Quest, you will need to head to the Hall of Champions and find the Edge Transit Holo-Shax.

This can be found by facing the right as you head down the stairs in the Hall of Champions, where you will find the Edge Transit Holo-Shax to the left of the first one.

  • Visit Edge Transit Holo-Shaxx

Step 3: Speak to Shaxx within the Hall of Champions and Claim Your Prize

After you have attuned with the Edge Transit Holo-Shaxx, you will need to head over to Lord Shaxx to complete the quest.

  • Visit Shaxx

Edgelord Quest Rewards

Speaking to Lord Shaxx after you have attuned with Edge Transit will allow you to collect a Masterworked Edge Transit (Legendary Grenade Launcher) from him.

Additionally, you will be rewarded with 200 Hype (Lord Shaxx Reputation) for completing the Edgelord quest.


Blowing up your enemies is one of the quickest ways to clear out groups of enemies, which makes it easy to complete the Edgelord quest.

The Edge Transit is a useful weapon thanks to its Indomitability Origin Trait, making it useful for restoring Grenade or Melee Energy depending on your subclass. (Light or Dark)

Completing this quest is easier when you are doing Onslaught Activities since a lot of enemies spawn and you can defeat multiple combatants within seconds of each shot.

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