Destiny 2 Right of Succession Quest Steps

Sniper Rifles are some of the strongest weapons in the game due to the amount of damage they can do at a great distance.

A certain weapon that Lord Shaxx has in his collection can be obtained by completing a quest called Right of Succession but that’s not all, it comes fully upgraded.

This however requires that you prove yourself worthy by completing one of two challenges and attuning yourself to the Sniper Rifle.

Lord of War (Lord Shaxx)

How To Get Right of Succession Quest?

The Right of Succession Quest is one of the quests that were made available when Into The Light was introduced to Destiny 2.

This quest may be obtained by speaking to Arcite 99-40, who can be found within the Hall of Champions at the end. (Near Lord Shaxx)

Right of Succession Quest StepsRight of Succession quest info

Step 1: Complete One of The Following Objectives.

The first step in Right of Succession is to prove your skill with Sniper Rifles and there are two ways in which you can do this.

Your first option is to defeat combatants with Precision Damage using any Sniper Rifle anywhere in the system. (Precision Shots are headshots or shots dealt to weak spots)

Another way for you to complete this quest step is to defeat combatants in Raids or Dungeons using Sniper Rifles.

  • Complete Objective

Step 2: Return to the Hall of Champions and Unlock Succession to the Appropriate Holo-Shaxx

Once you have completed the first step of Right of Succession, you will need to head back to the Hall of Champions to attune with the Succession Holo-Shaxx.

This can be found by heading down the stairs and turning to your left where you can see the Holo-Shaxx holding a Sniper Rifle, which you need to attune with.

  • Visit Succession Holo-Shaxx

Step 3: Speak to Shaxx Within the Hall of Champions and Claim Your Prize

After you have visited the Succession Holo-Shaxx, you will need to make your way to Lord Shaxx and claim the weapon from him to complete the quest.

  • Visit Shaxx

Right of Succession Quest Rewards

Claiming the reward from Lord Shaxx (Succession Legendary Sniper Rifle) will end the quest and the Succession you get from his will be masterworked.

Aside from obtaining the upgraded version of the Succession Legendary Sniper Rifle, you will also receive 200 Lord Shaxx Reputation.


Scoring headshots is not that hard, especially if your enemies are stationary or have been slowed/disabled by you or other players.

When it comes to completing Right of Succession, doing Onslaught Activities can be a much faster way since there are many enemies and you get bonus progress.

The Succession Legendary Sniper Rifle that you obtain will have a maxed-out Masterwork, making much better handling.

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