How To Make Bittersweet Biscotti in Destiny 2 (Dawning Event 2023)

D2 Dawning Event

Crow has been quite distant most of the time but now is the chance to get him into the holiday spirit by giving him a treat.

Bittersweet Biscotti is one of the goods that can be baked during The Dawning, which you can later give to Crow.

Obtaining the ingredients will be needed first but with the right technique, you can get them efficiently in little time.

How To Make Bittersweet Biscotti?

Once you have access to Eva’s Holiday Oven, you can make Bittersweet Biscotti as long as you have all the necessary ingredients.

Bittersweet Biscotti Ingredients:

  • 1 Dark Ether Cane
  • 1 Balanced Flavors
  • 15 Essence of Dawning

After obtaining the required ingredients, you may bake Bittersweet Biscotti by accessing Eva’s Holiday Oven and looking for it under recipes.

Bittersweet Biscotti UsesDestiny 2 Bittersweet Biscotti

“Deliver this thoughtful treat to Crow in the H.E.L.M.”

Bittersweet Biscotti can be given to Crow and in return for the kind gesture, he will give you a Dawning Delivery.

The Dawning Delivery is opened once you obtain it and will contain an item from its drop list, which may be Glimmer, legendary gear, or others.

Best Way to Farm Bittersweet Biscotti Ingredients

Dark Ether Cane is obtainable by defeating Scorn enemies while Balanced Flavors require you to use a Bow, Sniper Rifle, Scout Rifle, or Pulse Rifle to defeat enemies.

The best way to get the ingredients needed for Bittersweet Biscotti would be to use one of the said weapons and hunt down the Scorn.

This will allow you to have a chance to obtain both of them with each run you do of whatever activity you choose. (Lost Sectors suggested)


To save you time and allow you to have chances of obtaining both ingredients, it’s best to pick a Lost Sector that is occupied by the Scorn.

Using one of the weapons that meet the criteria is recommended so that as you fight your way past enemies, each of the ingredients will drop from time to time.

Once you have enough ingredients, you can bake as many Bittersweet Biscotti as you want and keep giving them to Crow for rewards.

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