How To Get Dark Ether Cane in Destiny 2 (Dawning Event 2023)

D2 Dawning Event“An ingredient that adds a darkly sweet aroma to anything it touches.”

Knowing that the Scorn was once Fallen, they have their type of Ether Cane, which is called the Dark Ether Cane. It is a material, considered an ingredient that can be obtained during The Dawning event.

You can use this ingredient to bake certain kinds of goodies that can be given to NPCs for rewards during the event.

Where To Get Dark Ether Cane?D2DarkEtherCane

Dark Ether Canes can be obtained wherever there are Scorn enemies, as they have a chance to drop these when they are killed.

Some of the best places to farm Dark Ether Can are locations such as The Dreaming City, Tangled Shore, and Savathun’s Throne World.

How To Get Dark Ether Cane?

Defeating Scorn enemies gives a chance for them to drop Dark Ether Cane, so your best bet is to go to places where you can find a lot of them.

While activities are a good source, we have found that it may be better to do Lost Sectors as this can guarantee they spawn every time you do the activity.

Depending on the location you choose to farm them in as well as what means you use to defeat them, you can get Dark Ether Can as well as other ingredients for baking.

Dark Ether Cane Uses

You can make use of Dark Ether Cane during The Dawning event, which is pretty much baking goods that can be given to certain NPCs.

Recipes that require Dark Ether Cane include the following:

  • Candy Dead Ghosts
  • Ill-Fortune Cookies
  • Bittersweet Biscotti
  • Starwort Thins


Obtaining Dark Ether Cane is not that difficult to do but it is rather the chances of it dropping that makes it a bit tedious.

You are guaranteed to get a good amount for doing Lost Sectors and at least you can solo the activity to increase your chances of getting them.

Eventually, you will need this ingredient to give gifts to certain NPCs during the duration of The Dawning event.

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