How To Get Taken Butter in Destiny 2 (Dawning Event 2022)

D2 Dawning Event“An ingredient that adds an echoing deliciousness to anything it touches.”

For some strange reason, the Taken have their kind of butter, simply known as Taken Butter which can be used for baking.

Taken Butter is a material that can be obtained during The Dawning, an event that allows you to bake and give gifts to NPCs.

Judging from its name alone, you will most likely get the hint that you will need to track down the Taken if you want to get your hands on some.

Where To Get Taken Butter?D2TakenButter

Taken Butter can be obtained anywhere as long as there are Taken present, as they are the primary source of this ingredient. Locations such as The Dreaming City and the European Dead Zone are some good places to find a good amount of them. 

How To Get Taken Butter?

Whenever a Taken enemy is defeated, there will be a chance that you will get your hands on some Taken Butter.

We have found it best to do Lost Sectors either in The Dreaming City or the European Dead Zone as they can guarantee that Taken enemies will spawn.

You can repeat the Lost Sectors and will be sure to obtain a few Taken Butter now and then as well as other ingredients based on how you defeat them.

Taken Butter Uses

Once you get your hands on Taken Butter, you can use them as an ingredient when it comes to baking some of the gifts that can be given to NPCs.

Recipes that require Taken Butter to include the following:

  • Dark Chocolate Motes
  • Strange Cookies
  • Classic Butter Cookies


While the Taken remain to be unnatural beings, butter will still be butter and some of the NPCs will be delighted if you give them baked goodies that use this ingredient.

Taken enemies can easily be farmed in the Aphelion’s Rest Lost Sector at The Dreaming City as well as Hallowed Grave and Cavern of Souls at the European Dead Zone.

Certain NPCs will only accept certain baked goods, which is why it will be good to have some of them on hand to bake what they want.

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