How To Get Impossible Heat in Destiny 2 (Dawning Event 2023)

D2 Dawning Event“Hotter than a Golden Gun on the surface of the sun.”

When it comes to baking goodies in Destiny 2, sometimes you need the right amount of heat to make some good cookies.

Impossible Heat is one of the ingredients that can be obtained during The Dawning event, which can be used when baking with Eva’s Holiday Oven.

This ingredient is connected to Solar damage, making it necessary to have at least a weapon or equip the element if you want to get it.

Where To Get Impossible Heat?D2ImpossibleHeat

Impossible Heat can be used anywhere as long as you use the right methods when it comes to defeating enemies. Since you can use either weapons or Solar abilities, it would be an idea to find a place where you can easily defeat combatants.

How To Get Impossible Heat?

Impossible Heat can be obtained whenever an enemy is defeated using Solar damage, with each enemy having a small chance to drop it.

Using Solar abilities is a good choice when you are facing multiple enemies but sometimes the cooldowns will use up your time.

It is best to have a Solar weapon with you as well so that while you are waiting for Solar ability cooldowns, you can still get a chance to obtain Impossible Heat.

Impossible Heat Uses

Once you have gotten your hands on some Impossible Heat, you can use it along with other ingredients to make cookies in Eva’s Holiday Oven.

The following recipes require Impossible Heat:

  • Infinite Forest Cake
  • Ill-Fortune Cookies


Impossible Heat can easily be obtained when you equip both a Solar weapon as well as a Solar element so you can use abilities and your weapon when defeating enemies.

Lost Sectors that spawn a lot of enemies close together will surely get you some Impossible Heat when you use your abilities while the rest you can take out with your weapon.

If you want to give Infinite Forest Cake as well as Ill-Fortune Cookies as gifts during The Dawning event, be sure to have a Solar weapon ready to make Impossible Heat farming easier.

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