How To Get Null Taste in Destiny 2 (Dawning Event 2023)

D2 Dawning Event“Between the light and the dark lies deliciousness.”

Sometimes even the most delicious of treats have a little bit of darkness in them, which is why adding a bit of Null Taste can make you quite a good addition to cookies.

Null Taste is a material that is used as an ingredient when baking some of the cookies that can be given out as gifts during The Dawning event.

Obtaining Null Taste will require that you make use of Void attacks to get it from enemies by a certain chance.

Where To Get Null Taste?D2NullTaste

Null Taste can be obtained anywhere as long as you can find enemies, especially large groups of them close together.

A good choice of farming location would be places such as Lost Sectors for repeatable spawn or activities for whole runs.

How To Get Null Taste?

Each enemy that is defeated when you use Void weapons or abilities will have a chance to drop Null Taste. Since most Void abilities are good at taking out multiple enemies, it would be good to get enemies close together before using them.

Some weapons have the Void element and can also be used to defeat enemies, granting a decent chance to get Null Taste.

Null Taste Uses

Null Taste is used for baking some of the cookies that can be given out during The Dawning event, but these depend on which NPC you want to give them to.

  • Chocolate Ship Cookies
  • Dark Chocolate Motes


Every cookie has its touch but those made with Null Taste are favored by certain NPCs, who are willing to give you a gift in return.

If you are planning to make Chocolate Ship Cookies or Dark Chocolate Motes, it would be a good idea to go around killing enemies with Void attacks.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to go to Lost Sectors since you can pretty much solo everything, making it a little easier to get the kills.

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