Destiny 2 Anomalous Object (Quest Steps & Rewards)

Destiny 2 Anomalous Object Quest

A strange object has appeared on Nessus and you will see it on your map marked as the Anomalous Object Campaign.

Once you begin interacting with the object, you will be directed to Failsafe, who is the Exodus Black AI, and afterward, you will be able to obtain the Quest.

Failsafe needs your help dealing with the Vex and Fallen problem on Nessus, which requires you to handle objectives on the planet.

How To Get Anomalous Object Quest?

The Anomalous Object quest is obtained by heading to Nessus and locating the strange object marked on the map.

This object appears to be a bunch of parts that have been collected and are hanging, making it quite easy to spot.

To begin the Anomalous Objects quest, you must interact with the hanging parts and make your way to the marked location which leads you to Failsafe.

Quest Steps

Step 1: Complete Public Events on Nessus

Failsafe needs your help in taking care of the Fallen and Vex, which can be done by participating in public events, completing bounties, and looting Lost Sectors.

You will need to complete the following:

  • Bounties (Total of 3)
  • Public Events (Total of 3)
  • Lost Sector (Complete 1)

Step 2: Speak With Failsafe on Nessus

Once you have completed all of the objectives that Failsafe has assigned you to do, head back to the Exodus Black and speak with her.

Speaking to Failsafe will show her message along with a reward and once you accept the reward, the quest will be complete.

Also know about the locations & map of the below lost sectors:

Anomalous Object Rewards

Failsafe will reward you with a Legendary Engram after you have completed all of the objectives and have returned to her.

The Legendary Engram’s Power Level will be determined by your current Power Level, making sure you get gear that is at an average level.


  • It’s a good idea to pick up a few bounties from Failsafe and to go to a Lost Sector, this way you can complete the Lost Sector and a few bounties.
  • You will not need to kill specific enemies, but rather you will have to complete all of the objectives on Nessus.
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