How to Get Fiber in Stardew Valley

Farming Fiber in Stardew Valley

 “Raw material sourced from plants.”

Fiber is one of the main resources that you can get early in the game due to its source being abundant even from when you first start playing.

This resource is obtained by chance whenever you cut weeds, which can be done with a scythe or any other tools that can destroy them.

Aside from being used to craft a ton of items in the game, Fiber is also used to for other purposes, making it necessary to have at least a few on hand.

Where to Get Fiber?

Once you start out in the game, you will notice that there are a ton of weeds around your farm and destroying these will provide you with a good chance to get Fiber.

Besides being able to find them on your farm, you can also get fiber from forests, mines, and other locations in the game where weeds can be found.

How to Get Fiber?

This resource can be obtained by cutting weeds, which is pretty much the best way to obtain Fiber in the game since it does not require much effort.

Another way to get Fiber is to craft Fiber Seeds and plant them on your farm, which eventually will grow and allow you to collect Fiber from them.

Let’s see more about the process of getting the Fiber below in detail:

1) Cut the Weeds Using Scythe

Weeds cutting in the Scythe

Cutting or destroying weeds is the best way in the game to get Fiber as you can destroy several of them with a single swing.

While the Scythe is mostly used for this, any other tool or weapon that can cut weeds will also allow you to get Fiber.

Weeds will often grow in your farm, especially when the days are skipped, and they are given time to spread but you should watch out as they may affect your crops.

2) Cutting Weeds in the Mines

Weeds cutting in the mine

If you have already been to the Mines, you may have noticed that certain areas have weeds in them and these may be farmed to get Fiber.

The easier parts of the Mines that have weeds in them will be on level 25 up to level 29 and once you go deeper you will find more on levels 105 up to 109.

While the weeds in the Mines are not the best method to get Fiber, this is a great alternative during the Winter season as not much can be found above ground.

Other Ways To Get the Fiber in Stardew Valley

  • Planting Fiber Seeds and harvesting them
  • Cutting weeds in Mutant Bug Lair
  • Defeating Wilderness Golems
  • Purchasing them from the Desert Trader (Tuesdays)

Fiber Uses

Fiber is one of the early ways for you to generate grass whenever you need to cut them down to get Hay to feed your animals or to get a chance to obtain Mixed Seeds.

It is also an important ingredient needed later as it can be used to make Cloth when you have already crafted a Loom.

The following are items that you can craft using Fiber:

  • Scarecrow
  • Deluxe Scarecrow
  • Loom
  • Worm Bin
  • Flute Block
  • Drum Block
  • Tree Fertilizer
  • Tea Sapling
  • Warp Totem Farm
  • Warp Totem Beach
  • Straw Floor
  • Wild Bait
  • Wooden Brazier
  • Stone Brazier
  • Gold Brazier
  • Campfire
  • Deluxe Retaining Soil
  • Cookout Kit

Turning Fiber To Hay

Some players believe that Fiber can be turned into hay but in truth, you can only turn Fiber into a Grass Starter and this allows grass to start growing.

Hay can be obtained by cutting the grass, which will allow you to obtain Hay that will automatically go into your Silo if it is not full.

How To Get Fiber Hat?

A bunch of players have been wondering about a hat that appears to be made from Fiber, based on the way it looks.

This is known as the Living Hat and is a wearable item that you can obtain by a very rare chance in only two ways.

You can obtain the Living Hat by cutting weeds but the chance to get it is only 0.001% or you could find and defeat Wilderness Golems.

Sadly the Wilderness Golem only has a small chance to drop the Living Hat, which is 0.001% so eventually, you can get this often if you farm Fiber from weeds.

Fiber Selling Price

Sometimes you may find yourself with too much Fiber on your hands and if you want, you can always sell some.

These won’t get you much if they are in a small quantity and are only useful to sell if you need extra Gold when starting.

For every piece of Fiber, you can get 1 Gold by selling them by placing them in the Shipping Bin.


A good way to get your hands on a lot of Fiber is to trim around your farm every now and then as you will eventually get plenty of them.

As days go by, weeds will continue to grow and spread throughout your farm, providing you with a good source of Fiber during non-winter Seasons.

It is best that you store any Fiber that you obtain as it will be useful later, especially when you need to get your hands on some Cloth or craft other items.

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