How to Be a Wraith Main in Apex Legends

Apex Legends

In this guide you will learn how to become the best wraith main out there.

First Step:

Step Number One

  • Change you name to have TTV in it.
  • People will think your cool, if you have TTV in your name

Playing the Game:

Step Number Two

  • when you are starting a game be sure to hold left control to remove yourself from the jump master.
  • If you are the jumpmaster simply hold the control button twice
  • Be sure to to land in a place with a lot of people so you can secure a lot of kills on noobs.


Step Number Three

  • When landing be sure to flex your Kunai by spamming the inspect key. If you don’t have the Kunai simply buy packs until you get it.
  • Go on and kill people
  • If you get knocked don’t worry! its never your fault its your teammates that didn’t want to go with you simply hit the escape key and leave the game

Closing Notes

Addition Tips:

  • Be sure to wear the Liberator or the Quarantine 722. They give you a smaller hitbox.

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Written by: JustNatan

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