Destiny 2 Star Chart Rank Rewards (Season of Plunder)

Season of Plunder Star Chart Interface

The Star Chart is a Navigational Interface that lets you manage most of the Season of Plunder activities that you do.

Star Chart Rank RewardsStar Chart Rewards

Progressing with your rank in the Star Chart (earning Savvy) will allow you to claim rewards depending on what rank you reach.

The following are the rank rewards in the Star Chart:

1) Prestige 0 Rewards

2) Prestige 1 Rewards

  • Map Fragments – Used to combine with Treasure Coordinates to make Treasure Maps
  • Treasure Coordinates Used to combine with Map Fragments to make Treasure Maps
  • Enhancement Prism – Used for forging Masterwork gear
  • Worldly Armor Umbral Engram – An engram that contains legendary armor found in several activities and destinations
  • Plundered Umbral Energy Used to focus Umbral Engrams at Star Chart

How to Reset Star Chart Rank?

You may reset your star chart rank back to 1 by obtaining the Rank 17 reward which unlocks more rewards you can obtain by increasing your Savvy again.

The rewards for the next rank (Prestige 1) will be different, including another Reset Rank reward which will give you an Exotic Engram.

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