Destiny 2 How to Get Treasure Coordinates (Season of Plunder)

D2 Treasure Coordinates Season of Plunder

Season of Plunder introduced the Treasure Coordinates material which is a new requirement when it comes to competing Treasure Maps for the Captain’s Atlas.

Combined with Map Fragments, Treasure Coordinates will allow players to locate a hidden treasure at the end of expeditions.

While this new material may not come in large amounts, you can easily farm Treasure Coordinates in a short amount of time.

Where to Get Treasure Coordinates?

There is no specific location when it comes to farming Treasure Coordinates as these are based on activities that you do. Treasure Coordinates are not tied to any location and can be obtained in different areas based on the activities that are done.

How to Get Treasure Coordinates?

Treasure Coordinates can be obtained by participating in Vanguard Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit matches as well as doing other activities.

The best way to get Treasure Coordinates seems to be to either participate in Strikes or Gambit matches but Crucible works well too, providing around 40 per run.

Other activities such as lost sectors, public activities, and more done at locations can provide you with a smaller amount of Treasure Coordinates.

Treasure Coordinates UseCaptain’s Atlas Treasure Maps

Treasure Coordinates are used along with Map Fragments to create Treasure Maps which are equipped with the Captain’s Atlas.

Having a Treasure Map equipped with the Captain’s Atlas will allow you to locate a hidden treasure at the end of an expedition for more rewards.

To use Treasure Coordinates, you will need to head to your quests tab and access the Captain’s Atlas to consume it along with Map Fragments to create a Treasure Map.

Hiring Halsiks The SniperPirate Crew in the Star Chart

Upgrading your Pirate Crew in the Star Chart can provide you with the chance to find Treasure Coordinates to improve farming it.

Choosing the Hire Halsiks The Sniper Crew Upgrade unlocks the ability to occasionally find Treasure Coordinates on defeated combatants.

Additionally, another upgrade called Under One Banner is available once you have 7 crew upgrades already unlocked.

This allows you to Earn bonus Treasure Coordinates by completing ritual activities with other Guardians who have Season of the Plunder Access.

Treasure Coordinates Carry Limit

Players may carry up to 325 Treasure Coordinates at a time and will no longer obtain any once this limit has been reached.

It is best to create a map as soon as it is full to allow yourself to obtain more Treasure Coordinates and due to this low limit, it fills up very quickly.

There currently is no option to upgrade the capacity for Treasure Coordinates as of now and it is unsure if it will be changed in the future.

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