Destiny 2 How to Get Plundered Umbral Energy (Season of Plunder)

D2 Season of Plunder Plundered Umbral Energy

Plundered Umbral Energy is a variant of the other Umbral Energy types that you would find in the previous seasons that came before the Season of Plunder.

Collecting Plundered Umbral Energy will allow players to later use them when creating gear from Season of Plunder.

While it may take some time to get your hands on a lot of Plundered Umbral Energy, there are ways to speed up the process to farm it efficiently.

Where to Get Plundered Umbral Energy?

Players may receive Plundered Umbral Energy depending on which expedition they are doing, as there are multiple variants of the expedition activities.

Regardless of where the expedition takes place, players will always have the opportunity to obtain Plundered Umbral Energy at the end.

How to Get Plundered Umbral Energy?

To ensure that you will be able to obtain Plundered Umbral Energy, you will need to make a Treasure Map which is consumed once you collect treasure at the end of an expedition.

Once a Treasure Map is equipped, you will be able to locate the hidden treasure at the end of an expedition which will allow you to dig it up and obtain rewards.

Amongst the rewards will of course be the Plundered Umbral Energy.

Plundered Umbral Energy Use

Plundered Umbral Energy is one of the requirements players need when they will be Focusing Umbral Engrams to get Season of Plunder Equipment.

The following can be focused on using Plundered Umbral Energy:

1) Weapon Spoils Focusing

  • Tarnished Mettle (Scout Rifle)
  • Blood Feud (Submachine Gun)
  • Brigand’s Law (Sidearm)
  • No Reprieve (Shotgun)
  • Sailspy Pitchglass (Linear Fusion Rifle)
  • Planck’s Stride (Machine Gun)

2) Armor Spoils Focusing

The Season of the Plunder Armor Spoils Focusing Gear from the Ketchkiller’s set, which is a set available as rewards during Season of the Plunder.

Each piece of armor will come with random stats, which is why players tend to focus a lot during the mid to end part of the season for the best rolls.

With the “Armorer” mod equipped on your Ghost, you can change the outcome of the stats to get rolls that best suit your playstyle.

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