Destiny 2 Season of Plunder Umbral Focusing Guide (Season 18)

Season of Plunder Star Chart Interface

The Star Chart is a Navigational Interface that lets you manage most of the Season of Plunder activities that you do.

It is here that you continue with the Sails of the Shipstealer seasonal quest as well as acquire upgrades for focusing and other season-related bonuses.

During Season of Plunder, you will want to rank up your Savvy as much as you can to access the rewards here to easily obtain seasonal gear and more.

Season of Plunder Umbral FocusingNavigational Interface Star Chart

Like with the other seasons in Destiny 2, you can focus engrams to turn them into different kinds of gear and with the Star Chart you can make Season of Plunder gear.

1) Umbral Focusing Basic Spoils

  • Worldly Armor – Contains legendary armor found in several activities and destinations
  • Hakke Weapon – Hakke Foundry weapon
  • Omolon Weapon – Omolon Foundry weapon
  • Suros Weapon – Suros Foundry weapon
  • Veist Weapon – Veist Foundry weapon

2) Umbral Focusing Armor Spoils (Unlock by hiring SCUR-V)

  • Armor of Plunder – Random piece of armor from Season of Plunder
  • Ketchkiller’s Helmet – Helmet for your class from Season of Plunder
  • Ketchkiller’s Gloves – Gloves for your class from Season of Plunder
  • Ketchkiller’s Chest – Chest armor for your class from Season of Plunder
  • Ketchkiller’s Legs – Leg armor for your class from Season of Plunder
  • Ketchkiller’s Accessory – Accessory for your class from Season of Plunder

3) Umbral Focusing Weapon Spoils (Unlock with Quartermaster Upgrade)

  • Weapons of Plunder – Random weapon from Season of Plunder
  • Tarnished Mettle – Legendary Scout Rifle
  • Blood Feud – Legendary Submachine Gun
  • Brigand’s Law – Legendary Sidearm
  • No Reprieve – Legendary Shotgun
  • Sailspy Pitchglass – Legendary Linear Fusion Rifle
  • Planck’s Stride – Legendary Machine Gun

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