Destiny 2: Beyond Light – Rising Resistance Mission

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Rising Resistance

  • Mission Type: Story (Beyond Light)
  • Mission Location: Europa
  • Mission Duration: 5 – 10 Minutes

Variks has stayed in Europa to assist you to handle the problem with Eramis’ as he has been surprised by the fact that her lieutenants are now using the new power, Stasis.

To assess the situation, Variks needs your help to set up a comms network to be used in communicating with his allies.

Your task will be to set up the network and make sure things go smoothly for the Eliksni, a group of survivors to safely prepare for an evacuation.

Mission Objectives

Activate Secret Comms Network

You are going to need to head over to each Comms Relays to activate each one of them (3 Comms Relays in total) to allow the preparation for the evacuation.

Head to each relay and interact with it and Ghost will begin the hacking process which takes only a short amount of time to complete.

Continue locating each relay by following the waypoint and have Ghost hack each one to complete this objective.

Investigate the Crux of Darkness

After activating all relays, a large dark crystal will appear, head over to it and investigate it to proceed with the mission.

Once you have interacted with the Crux of Darkness, a voice will instruct you to follow them to your salvation, which sets a new waypoint for you to follow.

Darkness Beckons

You will start making your move towards the signal of the Darkness, which is best done by hopping onto your vehicle and following the waypoint.

Once you arrive at the location, you will find yourself in Europa Beyond, and a cutscene will appear, showing the events of what happens after a ship crashes on Europa.


  • This mission continues as part of the initial beyond light tutorial and shows some of the capabilities of the Stasis powers.
  • Follow the waypoints to locate the relays, some of them may be on lower or higher ground from where you are positioned.


As you set up the relays as Variks has requested, you commune with a dark object, leading you outwards beyond Europa.

You encounter a group of Exo who appear to be using Stasis to defeat enemies and later will side with them with continuous events.

The missions will be completed once the cutscene has finished but there will be no mission end screen to show, only more steps from the Exo.

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