How To Get Dark Frosting in Destiny 2 (Dawning Event 2023)

D2 Dawning Event“An ingredient that adds a decadently deep, rich flavor.”

Sometimes the best cookies are made with rich flavors, which makes Dark Frosting a good ingredient when it comes to baking.

Dark Frosting is one of the ingredients you can obtain from enemies during The Dawning, which can later be used to bake goodies.

Obtaining Dark Frosting is not as hard as some may think because even if it’s a rare material, the ways to obtain it are very easy.

Where To Get Dark Frosting?D2DarkFrosting

Dark Frosting can be obtained anywhere but you will need to have a Stasis weapon or use Stasis abilities to get it.

To increase your chances and speed things up, find a location with several weak enemies that will be a good place to farm Dark Frosting.

How To Get Dark Frosting?

Dark Frosting is obtained by defeating enemies with Stasis damage, which includes abilities and weapons.

A good way to farm Dark Frosting is to have both, as you can use your weapons while your abilities are on cooldown.

As long as the final blow to an enemy comes from a Stasis source, the enemy will have a chance to drop Dark Frosting.

Dark Frosting Uses

Dark Frosting is used to bake Starwort Thins in Eva’s Holiday Oven, which can later be given to the Exo Stranger on Europa.

Aside from Dark Frosting, you will also need to have Ether Cane and some Essence of Dawning to make Starwort Thins.


Dark Frosting simply requires that you use Stasis as a means when it comes to defeating enemies and since you can use abilities and weapons, it is very easy to obtain.

As long as the damage is dealt with Stasis that leads to an enemy being defeated, there will always be a chance to obtain Dark Frosting.

While the Exo Stranger is quite far on Europa, giving them Starwort Thins can be rewarding now and then.

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