How To Get Flash of Inspiration in Destiny 2 (Dawning Event 2022)

D2 Dawning Event“Just the right thing at just the right time.”

If you are into the cookie-making business during The Dawning event, you will most likely want to get your hands on some Flash of Inspiration.

This is one of the ingredients used to bake cookies during The Dawning event and can be obtained easily if you can take out enemies fast.

While taking out enemies will not be enough, equipping the right mods will ensure you get a lot of these in a small amount of time.

Where To Get Flash of Inspiration?D2FlashofInspiration

There is no specific location when it comes to obtaining Flash of Inspiration but it is a good idea to seek out places with lots of enemies.

Since Flash of Inspiration will require you to generate Orbs of Power, you will need to do activities where a lot of enemies spawn.

How To Get Flash of Inspiration?

Flash of Inspiration will drop whenever you can generate an Orb of Power and will have a chance with each one generated.

To generate Orbs of Power, it would be best if you equipped the right mod on your helmet that allows you to generate them.

Once you have a mod in your helmet that can help generate Orbs of Power, you can go and defeat enemies rapidly to start getting Flash of Inspiration.

Flash of Inspiration Uses

There are currently 2 cookies that can be baked using Flash of Inspiration and other ingredients, which you can, later on, give to specific NPCs.

The following require Flash of Inspiration to be baked:

  • Traveler Donut Holes
  • Candy Dead Ghosts


Flash of Inspiration is probably one of the easiest rare materials that you can get since you can equip a mod that allows rapid kinetic kills to generate Orbs of Power.

Since kinetic weapons usually have unlimited ammo reserves, you can continuously defeat enemies until you have enough Flash of Inspiration.

Keep in mind that several mods may be used to generate Orbs of Power and you can have more than one equipped.

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