How To Get Sharp Flavor in Destiny 2 (Dawning Event 2023)

D2 Dawning Event

Sometimes there are baked delights that have a kick in them or this case, a slice thanks to Sharp Flavor.

Sharp Flavor is one of the rare ingredients that may be obtained during The Dawning, an event in Destiny 2 in December.

Players may obtain Sharp Flavor by getting close to enemies before taking them out, in other words, cutting them up.

Where To Get Sharp Flavor?D2SharpFlavor

You may obtain Sharp Flavor anywhere in the system as long as you bring a sword with you but it is best to go where a lot of enemies can be taken out.

Regardless of what sword you bring, as long as you can cut up some enemies, you are in the right place to get Sharp Flavor.

Since Lost Sectors allow you to go solo, they are a good choice when it comes to farming Sharp Flavor during The Dawning.

How To Get Sharp Flavor?

Sharp Flavor is obtained by chance whenever you deal a final blow to an enemy with a sword, with each enemy having a small chance to drop it.

Targeting places where there are weaker enemies is a good tactic since you can strike them down with a single hit.

If you have run out of charges, as long as you still use your sword and even do a weak attack, this can still provide a chance for Sharp Flavor to drop.

Sharp Flavor Uses

Sharp Flavor is one of the ingredients needed to bake Vanilla Blades, the others being Cabal Oil and Essence of Dawning.

Vanilla Blades can be given to Lord Shaxx in the Tower Courtyard and return, you will also get something back from him.


Sharp Flavor does not drop as often as people think it may but now and then if you are using a sword during the event you should get some.

A good way to get a lot is to do a Lost Sector and to make sure your sword has a lot of ammo so you can slice through every enemy.

If you want to make Vanilla Blades, it would be good to hunt down Cabal with your sword so you can get Cabal Oil and Sharp Flavor at the same time.

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