How to Complete Ahoy and Aweigh Quest (Season of Plunder)

Season of Plunder Ahoy and Aweigh Quest

After recently helping Spider out of the tough situation with House Salvation, he has decided to allow you to keep using his ship and the Skeleton Key.

He seems to offer a lot to help you fight Eramis and the old crews that serve her, which will prove quite useful.

This quest serves more as an introduction to the Ketchcrash activity that was added with the Season of Plunder.

How To Get Ahoy and Aweigh Quest?

The Ahoy and Aweigh quest becomes available after you have completed the Salvage and Salvation mission. You can get this quest by heading to the Eliksni Quarter which is found in the H.E.L.M.

Ahoy and Aweigh Quest StepsAhoy and Aweigh Quest Info

Step 1: Defeat Eramis’s Loyal Pirates in Ketchcrash

After talking with Spider, he seemed eager to let you go ahead and use his ship to make it known that no one should mess with him, which is probably why he sends you.

During this quest, you will need to complete a Ketchcrash activity which can be launched from the Destination tab in the H.E.L.M.

  • Complete Ketchcrash

Step 2: Interact with the Eliksni Star Chart in the center of the H.E.L.M.

Once your first Ketchcrash has been finished, you will need to head over to the H.E.L.M. to interact with the Star Chart.

This will be the main contact and upgradable object that you can interact with during the quests and other activities related to Season of Plunder.

You will find it marked by a waypoint and can easily see it once you fast travel to the H.E.L.M.

  • Visit Star Chart

Ahoy and Aweigh Rewards

Completing the Ahoy and Aweigh quest will reward you with the No Reprieve Legendary Shotgun. After this quest has been completed, you will be able to obtain the Seasonal Quest for Season of Plunder from the Star Chart.


Now that you have finished your first Ketchcrash, the rest of the adventure in Season of Plunder will be waiting for you.

Spider has even expressed his belief in your capabilities with the letter he left you mentioning that you can’t be worse than the other captains that he has met.

Once this quest is finished, you will be able to progress with the Season of the Plunder, mainly focusing on weekly challenges and the Seasonal Quest.

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