Ali-A Fortnite Settings Updated






  • Real Name: Alastair Aiken
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Birth & Age: 6 November 1993 (25 Yrs)


  • World Ranking – N/A
  • Country Ranking – N/A

Fortnite Earnings

  • Total Prize – Unknown
  • Online Prize – Unknown
  • Offline/LAN Prize – Unknown

Ali-A Fortnite Fortnite Game Settings 

  • Mouse Sensitivity -> .28
  • Wireless Controller Sensitivity X -> 5
  • Wireless Controller Sensitivity Y -> 5
  • Mouse Ads Sensitivity -> 1.00
  • Mouse Scope Sensitivity -> 1.00
  • Wireless Controller Ads Sensitivity -> .60
  • Wireless Controller Scope Sensitivity -> .70
  • HUD Scale -> .90
  • Swap Accept & Back -> Off
  • Invert View -> Off
  • Sprint Cancels Reloading -> Off
  • Tap to Search / Interact -> On
  • Toggle Targeting -> Off
  • Wireless Controller Scope Sensitivity -> .70
  • Auto Material Change -> On

Ali-A Fortnite Game Settings
Game Settings

Ali-A Fortnite Build Controls
Build Controls

More About Ali-A

Alistar Aiken is also known as Ali-A and he lives in London, England. He first started his streaming career by the name “Matroix” before he switched to the Ali-A alias. Before playing Fortnite, he would usually record and stream games playing Call of Duty. His YouTube channel has gained more than 10 million subscribers since the dawn of its creation. Despite being a Fortnite player, he is more popular in playing Call of Duty titles.

Being one of the pioneers of the gaming community in England, Ali-A made different channels to dedicate his gaming career. He not only plays Call of Duty but other games he finds interesting such as Mario games, Pokemon Go, Minecraft, and Fortnite. For a 25-year-old professional gamer, he is one of the youngest and richest for having a net worth of $5 million.

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