Warframe Attica Build 2023 Guide

Warframe Attica Crossbow

When it comes to crossbows in Warframe, the Attica is one of the more basic weapons in the game that is less used by players due to its unknown capabilities.

It may be one of the slowest-firing crossbows in the game but it certainly makes up for its cons with the ability to deal large amounts of damage along with its high critical chance.

The Attica is an automatic crossbow and can be modded to become a deadly weapon for taking out different kinds of enemies with ease.

How To Get Attica?

Obtaining the Attica can be done first by researching it in a Dojo, which can be done in the Tenno Lab for it to become available for replicating.

Once the Attica has been researched, you will be able to replicate the Attica Blueprint at the cost of 15,000 Credits.

After you have replicated the blueprint, you can head back to your orbiter to craft it using the Foundry if you have all the required resources.

Aside from replicating and crafting the Attica, you can purchase a fully built one that includes a Weapon Slot and pre-installed Orokin Catalyst for 125 Platinum.

Attica Crafting Requirements

Attica Blueprint

Attica Stats

The Attica fires slow projectiles that have a high base damage along with a decent critical chance, making it worth the effort to mod for later on.

The following are Attica’s stats:




Ammo Maximum

Ammo Pickup


Fire Rate









Critical Chance

Critical Multiplier










Attica Builds

1) Critical Build

Attica Critical Build

Having a base critical chance of 25%, the Attica suits a critical build and can reach 75% with the mods installed in this build.

To make up for its lack of fire rate, we have included Speed Trigger and have modded the weapon to have decent damage.

You can modify the elemental combination to target certain factions to deal additional damage for quicker kills.

2) Status Build

Attica Status Build

The Attica does not have the best base status chance, but this does not mean you cannot build it to focus on damage and give it the chance to deal status effects.

With this build, all of the elemental status mods have been added to boost its status chance along with Galvanized Aptitude.

This build allows you to fire several rounds in an attempt to inflict enemies with status effects, which will cause damage over time or weaken them.

3) Hybrid Build

Attica Hybrid Build

If you want a taste of a crossbow that can deal critical hits while also having the chance of inflicting status effects, the hybrid build is the way to go.

This build features the Attica equipped with mods used both in the critical build as well as the status build for better effectiveness.

Since the Attica does not have the best fire rate, we added Speed Trigger to speed things up a bit, making it compensate for its slow rate of fire.

4) Thunderbolt Build

Attica Thunderbolt Build

Playing around with the Attica proved to be well worth the effort as adding the Attica Thunderbolt Build brought a ton of fun.

Since the Attica doesn’t have a large magazine and reloads slowly, we fixed this by adding the Speed Trigger and Primed Fast Hands Mod.

The addition of Thunderbolt gives a chance for the bolts fired by the Attica to explode, making it a fun build to use when taking out groups of low to mid-level enemies.

Attica Riven Suggestions

To make up for the weapon’s slow speed, having a boost in fire rate or reload speed is a good way to compensate for what it lacks.

Still, if you can make do with the basic mods and get an Attica Riven focused on damage, multishot, and critical chance, this would be better.

Is The Attica Any Good?

Some people have been checking to see if the Attica is worth it and this has put their eyes toward Zhuge and Zhuge Prime.

When you compare Attica vs Zhuge, Attica is more focused on critical chance while Zhuge focuses on status chance.

Against the Zhuge Prime, we are yet to see an Attica Prime and if one is intended to be released later on, it may be worth getting.


The Attica has been compared to the Zhuge and people have thought of it as a less effective weapon at first but when it comes to the critical prowess of the weapon, things are different.

This comes with a high base critical chance, meaning that with the right mods (including Galvanized Scope) you can get guaranteed critical hits with certain builds.

Regardless of its downsides, the Attica has been proven to be quite a powerful weapon, being able to take out Eximus enemies in a few hits and even used against some of the bosses.

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