Proto Iron Axe: Crafting Requirements & Upgrades…

Proto Iron Axe mhw weapon

The Proto Iron Axe is a First Tier craftable weapon as part of the Ore Tree from the Switch Axe family.

This weapon can be upgraded up to 3 times before progressing into the Improved Steel Axe while either Branching out into the Thunder Element or Great Jagras Tree.

This Switch Axe Phial Type is the Power Phial.

Equipment Information



Elemental Damage

Proto Iron Axe I

280Low Range0%None100
Proto Iron Axe II315Mid Range0%None10


Proto Iron Axe III

350Mid Range0%None20


Crafting Requirements

Proto Iron Axe I

  • Iron Ore x1
  • 200 Zenny

Proto Iron Axe II

  • Iron Ore x2
  • 200 Zenny

Proto Iron Axe III

  • Earth Crystal x2
  • Machalite Ore x5
  • Iron Ore x5
  • 1000 Zenny


Proto Iron Axe I Upgrades

  • Proto Axe II (Ore)

Proto Iron Axe II Upgrades

  • Proto Axe III (Ore)
  • Jagras Axe I (Great Jagras Tree)

Proto Iron Axe III Upgrades

  • Improved Great Axe I (Ore)
  • Thunder Axe I (Switch Axe)

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