Great Bagpipe: Crafting Requirements & Upgrades…

mhw great bagpipe

The Great Bagpipe is a Second Tier craftable weapon as part of the Ore Tree from the Horn family.

This weapon can be upgraded up to 3 times before progressing into the Fortissimo Tree.

Equipment Information


AttackSharpnessAffinityElementRaritySlotElemental Damage
Great Bagpipe I462Mid Range0%None30


Great Bagpipe II

546Mid Range0%None400
Great Bagpipe III588Mid Range0%Paralysis51


Crafting Requirements

Great Bagpipe I

  • Dragonite Ore x2
  • Machalite Ore x5
  • Monster Bone M x2
  • 2000 Zenny

Great Bagpipe II

  • Dragonite Ore x5
  • Machalite Ore x10
  • Coral Crystal x2
  • Monster Bone+ x2
  • 4000 Zenny

Great Bagpipe III

  • Carbalite Ore x8
  • Dragonite Ore x5
  • Dragonvein Crystal x2
  • 6000 Zenny


Great Bagpipe I Upgrades

  • Great Bagpipe II (Ore)

Great Bagpipe II Upgrades

  • Great Bagpipe III (Ore)

Great Bagpipe III Upgrades

  • Fortissimo I (Ore)

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