Among Us: How to Complete the Card Swipe Task Easily

How to easily complete the card swipe task in Among Us.

Completing the Task:

Step 1. Go to admin

Step 2. Attempt card swipe.

Step 3. Fail the task 50 times.

Step 4. Get killed by the impostor.

Step 5. Rage.

Step 6. Break your computer.

Step 7. Scream into a pillow.

Step 8. Fall asleep.

Step 9. Dream about completing the task

Step 10. Wake up.

Step 11. Realize it was a dream.

Step 12. Order a new computer.

Step 13. Wait 1 – 30 days for it to arrive.

Step 14. Complete the task.

Step 15. Immediately die.

Step 16. Repeat.

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