Among Us: How to be the Worst Crewmate

Ever wondered how to be the worst kind of person in Among Us? Look no further for this is the official guide on how to be the WORST crewmate.

Step 1 (The Lobby)

You’ve just joined a brand new lobby, fresh from terrorizing your fellow crew-mates. New names and faces surround you! It’s time to be a nuisance.

  • First things first, make sure you’ve equipped a name of another player or color. What’s more fun than getting poor innocent yellow voted out because you just happened to look sus whilst being named “yellow” yourself <3 (Names like “someone” “imposter” “it was me” “im guilty” also work.
  • Next, if playing with friends, make sure to equip one of their favorite colors. For some reason among us colors are basically personality traits at this point so make sure you pick the color of the friend you know will get most upset.
  • Finally, spam the lobby with “please start” “cmon start” “im bored can we start?” nothing says ‘im a good team player’ than flaming the host for not mashing that start button like they’re playing smash ultimate.

Step 2 (Tasks)

Completing tasks are the bread and butter of every crewmate’s life! wait you do know how to complete tasks right?

  • Occasionally we all have moments where our brains become smooth round and egg like, today however is the day you truly EMBODY the art of idiocy.
  • First things first! Dash over to that admin table and ram your card in there like its judgment day! Swipe swipe swipe SWIPE SWIPE FOR GODS SAKE. Keep on scanning that bad boy until the incessant machine beeping fills your every waking moment, you’re doing great.
  • Next run along to navigation but hold on a second! You don’t want to seem to sus do you! Make sure to loiter in front of the camera some sweaty detective’s camping just to let him know, you’re not sus right!? Navigation is arguably one of the most secluded places on the map so best make sure if a body turns up, YOU WERE THERE.
  • Finally, electrical, oh boy the glorified abattoir of every among us game. Do not go into electrical alone! Make sure to wait for another crewmate to enter before ominously standing at the door watching them. Make sure they can see you lurking like the grim reaper and give them plenty of time to wonder just how long its taking you to “figure out how to do these damn tasks”.

Step 3 (Meltdowns)

OH god oh its those blaring sirens again! The halls are dark and quiet as you see the countdown to reactor ticking away! What do you do!

  • Panic, dash around in every direction other than the one you’re supposed to go. We’re all going to die anyway right! might as well party for the last few moments of existenceOR
  • Ignore it, there’s like another 6 crewmates in this game? why should i stop doing my tasks when they’re probably all running to reactor like headless chickens anyway! run in the opposite direction to the emergency, you were only trying to do your tasks quicker anyway!

(Electrical special)

  • Who’s afraid of the dark? Not me! When the lights go out go on and head over to electrical only maybe those shiny levers on the fuse box look really really appetizing whoops looks like you switched them all off silly you!

Step 4 (Meeting time!)

Ah yes the creme de la creme of all among us games. The meeting table is where friendships are created and destroyed with all the care of a sledgehammer.

  • Hopefully someone just called you sus given all your “antics” earlier in the round, its your time to shine baby.


  • In Among us, the louder you scream the more likely you are to be heard, make sure to go full keyboard warrior and tyler1 mic spam, act your heart out darling there’s nothing like a good bit of mayhem.

Step 5 (Completion)

And congratulations! You’ve successfully lost the game, lost all your friends and been banned from your discord server. I’m so proud.

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Written by: Poppy

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