Eternal Return Black Survival – How To Broadcast Using []

You can stream through several platforms in addition to Steam by using

This guide is for Streamer using

1. Add channel

  • Log In (
  • Click on “Add Channel”.
  • Select Steam in the Platform list.
  • Enter your RTMP URL and Stream Key (check below to see how to find it!)

  • Turn on your stream with OBS, Xsplit, or other platform that you use.

[Tip] How to check your Steam RTMP URL and Stream key

  • Connect your Steam broadcast info site:
    > Go to
    > Click on “Create your RTMP Token”

> You can find your RTMP URL in the “UPLOAD SERVER” section.

> Check your Stream Key in the “UPLOAD TOKEN” section.

  • Change your Upload settings
    > Broadcast Delay: 8 Seconds (Recommended)
  • Change Broadcast Permissions
    > Viewer Permission: Please Select 『Public』
    > Create Chat Message Permission: Please Select 『Public』
    > Chat Rate Limit: Please Enter 0
    > Required App ID: Please Enter 0

Written by: Nimble Neuron

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