Eternal Return Black Survival – How to Effectively Play With Other Characters

Eternal Return Black Survival

This is a guide that will teach you important things about Cooperative play in Eternal Return: Black Survival


If you’re new to Eternal Return: Black Survival this guide will show you some very important tips as to how you can correctly assemble your team’s comps, builds, routes, and late game effectiveness.

If you have any things you’d like for me to add or anything you have mentioned that you believe I stated wrongly please comment it on this post.

I would like to add that surveillance cameras are VERY IMPORTANT, so never forget them, they’re pretty much wards just like in any other MOBA.

Team Comps:

[The Different team comps that can be formed:]
  • [/a dive comp: a dive comp is essentially a team of characters who are meant to heavily push and chase their enemies typically having moves that allow them to “dive into their enemies’ defense. a good example of this comp would be hyunwoo, jackie, and xiukai. this comps purpose is to effectively charge into teams and execute them quickly, with xiukai’s cc and jackie’s leaping strike/ adrenaline burst, this comp would be best described as a dive comp.]
  • [/*standard team comp: a standard team comp would be a team comp with cc/tank, damage dealer, and a healer, this is a team meant to be prepared for any situation, need to run away and your team’s pretty low? use your cc and have your healer help you out. need to deal with a team of enemy players who could easily destroy you? no worry, cc them and let your damage dealer go crazy as your healer supports and does damage. need to get rid of a damage dealer for a minute? all good, just cc them and help your teamates on low health escape. a good example of this comp would be sissela, magnus, and aya.]
  • [/an s tier comp: an s tier comp is a comp of some of the best characters in a game which can typically be argued, but it’s a team of characters with lots of sustain and high damage. these characters usually have extremely great early game abilities with high damage and relatively low cool down such as hyunwoo’s ability, stomping foot. a good example is hyunwoo, chiara, and hart. arguably.]


This won’t teach you what to build, but it will teach you how to go about building in a party.

When building any custom build make sure to take your teammates drop points into account, you need to make sure to always coordinate at least one good place for both you and your teammates to drop, that way your teammate isn’t dropping by their self with another squad also landing there.

Another thing to take into account is the amount of space traveled by you and your squad members to get their full builds. A good squad will have coordinated their build in such a way that their team can drop together and craft at least one full item within the first 4 minutes of a match, then they should be able to easily rotate as a team through similar places to build their remaining items.

When trying to craft items of a yellow tier, if you are EVER trying to farm for a piece of the item, The VF Blood sample being a good example, to farm for this item you must continually hunt, exposing yourself to other players who might want to fight you, or other players who might be looking for the same thing.

Likewise, trying to get pieces from the tree of life is a dangerous task to take on alone, especially if you’re a support character thinking, “Hey I’ll just run over and grab this”. Often times good players will use surveillance cameras. Always find a way to use a surveillance cameras if you can, they can help you cover certain spots that aren’t already shown by the ones the games give you.

It’s also important to place some in bushes sometimes, it gives you a lot of info. P.S. whenever you go into a new area please just use the surveillance machine, that way you’ll know when another person is entering or leaving your area allowing you to effectively escape and rotate when you need.

Late Game Effectiveness:

In the late game, unless you’ve built a fair amount of protections you’re a glass cannon, like the rest of the characters, with the exception of a few, and with the exception of life steal. In the late game I like to have at least one character with a stun, a stun allows for you to fully or completely burst at least one character, in late game you’ll just either out damage someone or do less damage than them, it’s important to have something to stop them from attacking so that you can flip the momentum of the fight.

Use the information you have from surveillance cams and your teams abilities to finish people off and get picks or even get ganks. And a good late game strat in ANY battle royale is to wait for three teams to be left, (Including yourself), and hide and let the other teams fight, when you see that exclamation mark on your minimap, third party and watch yourself get an easy win.

Thus concludes my guide, if you would like a character specific guide or another kind of guide please comment with what kind you would like and for what game.

Written by: XoCrakinDaTribe

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