Apex Legends: Olympus Map Guide

Map Features:

This section will be worked on during the first week of the season as the new map is studied in greater detail.

Hot Zones:

  • Hot zones are blue areas on the map, they contain much better loot on average, always at least high tier (even higher in high tier hot zones) and can rarely carry level 4 weapons.
  • Level 4 weapons come with the highest possible level attachments in all slots.

Jump Towers:

  • A long zipline that upon reaching the top, puts you into jump-jet mode just like when you leave the dropship!
  • Practical use for moving around the map quickly, considered a poor mans choice compared to a trident.

Care packages:

  • Care packages drop in a pair during the closing of ring 1 and two drop, one during ring two closing and one during ring three closing. They land at or shortly after the ring finishes closing and are indicated by a distinct laser shot into the sky.
  • Lifeline can call in weaker versions of these that land twice as fast.

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