Apex Legends: Neutral & Lifeline Care Package Contents

Neutral care packages contain:

  • 1 medical item, 1/3 odds on all 3 large healing items.
  • One jackpot slot with a 25% chance of heirloom on round 1 and 75% on rounds 2 and 3.
  • One utility or weapon modification.

The medical items are:

  • Phoenix kit (33%)
  • Shield Battery (34%)
  • Med kit (33%)

The Jackpot tile when rolling an heirloom weapon, these odds change with the round the pack was dropped on [R1|R2|R3]:

  • Kraber 50 cal. (45%|30%|10%)
  • “Power” weapon (35%|40%|35%), currently prowler.
  • “Short” weapon (20%|30%|55%), currently peacekeeper.

When rolling a dud:

  • Evo shield level 3: 40%
  • Restoration Armour (level 4 non evo body armour): 10%
  • Cooldown Helmet (Level 4 helmet): 20%
  • Guardian angel backpack (Level 4 backpack): 20%
  • Self-resurrection (Level 4 knockdown shield): 10%

For the utility and weapon parts slot.

Various items with 6% odds

  • Level 3 backpack, phoenix kit, level 3 knockdown shield, skull piercer rifling, shotgun bolt level 3, extended heavy mag level 3, standard or sniper stock level 3, barrel stabiliser level 3.
  • Sniper mag level 3 (4%)
  • 2-4x, 4-8x and 1x digital threat optics (10%)
  • Mobile respawn beacon (2%)
  • 4-10x digital threat sniper optics and turbocharger (5%)

Lifeline packages contain one medical item slot, one dud slot that contains only purple level items and one utility slot, the utility slot has a small chance to contain two items instead of one or contain a second purple basic item.

Neutral care packages have a white beam, lifeline care packages have a deep blue beam.

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