Destiny 2 Lightning Surge (Unlock, Build & Effects)

Lightning Surge is an Arc Aspect that can be learned for Arc Subclasses, which allows the Guardian to perform an electrical blink attack.

This has given players the ability to evade attacks and close in on targets to deal a substantial amount of damage to their enemies.

Destiny 2 Stormcaller (Warlock Subclass)

How To Unlock Lightning Surge?

To unlock the Lightning Surge Arc Aspect, you will need to head over to the tower to speak with Ikora Ray, who offers upgrades that you can get.

These include abilities, fragments, aspects, and more, which can be purchased with the use of Glimmer and later applied to your subclass.

Once you have purchased the Lightning Surge aspect from Ikora Ray, you will need to meditate to obtain the abilities.

How To Use Lightning Surge?Using Lightning Surge

Lightning Surge can be used in both PVE and PVP sessions, allowing you to easily clear out combatants or deal a lot of damage to Guardians.

To use Lightning Surge, you will need to perform a slide, which is done by sprinting and pressing the crouch button and once you slide, you need to press the melee button.

This will cause you to turn into a ball of lighting and create an Arc explosion after traveling a short distance to deal damage in the area.

Performing Lighting Surge will consume your grenade charge and will not be usable if the charge is still on cooldown.

Lightning Surge in PVP

Lighting Surge can deal a lot of damage to enemies in PVE but in PVP matches, it can either kill an enemy with one hit or leave them at critical health.

A good way to make use of Lightning Surge would be to perform the attack after letting off a few shots or to follow up with a melee attack to instantly kill enemies.

Lightning Surge can only be done if you have a grenade charge, making it vital to use it when necessary to take advantage of both the movement and damage opportunity.

Lightning Surge Build

If you plan to use Lightning Surge, it’s best to equip mods and fragments that benefit your grenades as the ability consumes its charges.

The best Aspect to have along with Lightning Surge would be the Electrostatic Mind Arc Aspect while beneficial fragments would be the following:

  • Spark of Haste – This will be resilience, recovery, and mobility while you are sprinting to prepare for performing Lightning Surge.
  • Spark of Instinct – Passively emits a burst of damaging Arc Energy while you are taking damage when critically wounded, which can damage enemies you approach for Lightning Surge.
  • Spark of Focus – Sprinting for a short time increases ability regeneration to improve cooldowns.
  • Spark of Recharge – Improves grenade and melee recharge when you are critically wounded.

Other Aspects can be mixed and matched to suit your play style and some of the better mods to have would be the Discipline Mod (Helmet) and Impact Induction (Arms). 


While Lightning Surge may require a bit of practice to get used to, it can be substantial in both PVE and PVP matches for Guardians.

This can also be used to turn the tides in a fight, providing you with the ability to blink around and deal damage to enemies.

Some players tend to use Lightning Surge to get close up and personal with enemies to give them a finishing surprise.

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