How To Complete Record Setter Triumph (Guardian Games 2023)

Destiny 2 Guardian Games Record Setter Triumph

With the Guardian Games 2023 ongoing now, players are grinding to complete most of the challenges to get triumphs.

This is either for the rewards or for when they aim to get the new title, which currently is the Champ title that can later be displayed.

Although many players are capable of grinding for this triumph, some are having difficulties, which is what we are here to help with.

How To Complete Record Setter Triumph?

Some players may be confused about how to complete Record Setter Triumph triumph which is because it requires that you Complete Platinum Contender Cards and not just get Platinum Medallions.

This means that to complete the Record Setter Triumph, you will need to obtain Platinum Contender Cards from Eva Levante and complete the objectives on them.

Once you have completed the objective, you will need to claim the rewards from your quest menu, which should be doable in the bounties section.

How To Get Platinum Contender Cards?Guardian Games Platinum Contender Cards

Platinum Contender Cards can only be obtained from Eva Levante, who will be available at The Tower during the Guardian Games 2023 event.

You will need to speak with her and purchase one of the contender cards but be sure not to get them mixed up with the regular Contender Cards.

If it says Platinum Card, this means that it will count towards the Record Setter Triumph once you complete it and claim its rewards.

Record Setter Triumph Bugged

There have been reports of players having problems with completing the Record Setter Triumph, which may have been an issue in the past.

To make sure that the triumph gains progress, you will need to make sure that you claim the reward for completing the Platinum Contender Card.

Only by completing the Platinum Contender Card and claiming it will cause the Record Setter Triumph to gain progress, meaning you need to do this 15 times.

You will be able to see if the triumph is gaining progress by checking it in the Event Card, which can be accessed from your quest menu.


Obtaining the Record Setter Triumph may take some time as you will need to finish each Platinum Contender Card after the other.

There are multiple choices for you to choose from though but only one Platinum Contender Card may be held at a time.

The best way to get the Record Setter Triumph quickly is to continuously repeat the process of obtaining a Platinum Contender Card from Eva Levante and completing it.

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