How to Get Crowning Duologue in Destiny 2

Strand has been one of the new attractions of players and finally, a Strand Rocket Launcher has hit the scene thanks to the Crowning Duologue.

The Crowning Duologue is a Legendary Strand Rocket Launcher, which features a smaller blast radius but deals a good amount of damage.

It has more velocity and stability along with better handling, making it good for targeting smaller groups or single targets for damage.

“Breakthrough, or broken?”Crowning Duologue (Rocket Launcher)

How To Get Crowning Duologue?

You may get the Crowning Duologue as a reward for completing the Bonfire Bash activity, which you can participate in during the Solstice 2023 event.

Every Bonfire Bash has a good chance to reward you with 1 of 3 weapons, which can sometimes be the Crowning Duologue.

Crowning Duologue God Rolls

The following are popular picks that players may often use when it comes to the God Rolls for Crowning Duologue:

  • Quick Launch, Impact Casing, Tracking Module, Bait and Switch (PVP) 
  • Quick Launch, Impact Casing, Reconstruction, Bait and Switch (PVE/PVP)
  • Volatile Launch, Impact Casing, Demolitionist, Bait and Switch (PVE)
  • Volatile Launch, Black Powder, Demolitionist, Bait and Switch (PVE)

Origin Trait

Overcharge Capacitor

An electrostatic charge is built while you are sprinting, sliding, or firing the Crowning Duologue, which provides it with increased range and reload speed.

Dealing final blows with a high charge will cause explosions and when the maximum charge has been reached, these explosions can blind targets.

This makes it easy to run and gun enemies while destroying groups easily thanks to the explosions and the ability to do crowd control by blinding enemies.

Intrinsic Trait

Precision Frame

The Crowning Duologue features the Precision Frame as its Intrinsic Trait, giving this Strand Rocket Launcher the ability to fire an auto-tracking missile.

Missiles fired from the Crowning Duologue may lock onto targets when armed, giving you the advantage of moving while being able to hit your targets.

Since this weapon has a good amount of Aim Assistance, hitting targets won’t be as difficult, even if they are moving.


One of the best things about the Crowning Duologue is that it is a Strand weapon, which makes it compatible with certain Strand Builds.

This gives the weapon the ability to take advantage of properties that players who use the Strand subclass would utilize.

Depending on the other rolls that you get, the Crowning Duologue can be the perfect weapon to clear enemies in PVE or an excellent Guardian-killer in PVP.

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