Destiny 2: Exotic Archive Guide

Destiny 2 Exotic Archive

Exotic items play a huge role in your build in Destiny 2 but there are some items that players miss out on or can no longer get.

The Destiny 2 Exotic Archive is one way for you to obtain some of the past Exotic gear that has been made available in the past.

Players will be able to view the Exotics from their periods as well as acquire them, providing they have enough currency for the ones they want. 

What is the Exotic Archive?

The Exotic Archive, also known as the Monument to Lost Light, is a vendor and information NPC that you can use to access information about and even purchase Exotics.

These Exotics mainly come from the past DLCs and also include Legendary gear which players may no longer get via playing the game.

Players may use this to acquire Exotics that they may not acquire or which they have had in the past but accidentally got rid of.

Where to Find Exotic Archive?

The Exotic Archive can be found in The Tower and is located next to the Vault, making it easy to store gear as well.

Players can easily find this by spawning in the Courtyard and heading for the vending machine, where they will find the Monument to Lost Light (Exotic Archive) next to it.

Buy from Exotic Archive

To buy from the Exotic Archive, simply open one of the lists of Exotic items you want to view and look for one that fits your liking.

If you have decided on an Exotic item already, you can purchase it as long as you have the right materials to make the purchase.

You will mostly need an Exotic Cipher, Glimmer, Planetary Resources, and an Ascendant shard but prices may vary per item.

Legendary Items do not require Exotic Cipher but do require other resources such as Enhancement Prisms and Legendary Shards.

For a guide on getting Exotic Ciphers, check our guide on How To Get Exotic Cipher.

Exotic Archive Inventory

The Exotic Archive Current has sets of Exotics and Legendaries that you can choose from to purchase.

The following are what is included in the Monument to Lost Lights’ inventory:

Red War Exotics

Red War Exotics

  • Sturm (Hand Cannon)
  • Mida Multi-Tool (Scout Rifle)
  • Rat King (Sidearm)
  • Sleeper Simulant (Linear Fusion Rifle)
  • Worldline Zero (Sword)
  • Polaris Lance (Scout Rifle)
  • Whisper Of The Worm (Sniper Rifle)
  • Outbreak Perfected (Pulse Rifle)
  • Legend Of Acrius (Shotgun)

Forsaken Exotics

Forsaken Exotics

  • Ace Of Spades (Hand Cannon)
  • The Last Word (Hand Cannon)
  • Le Monarque (Combat Bow)
  • Jotunn (Fusion Rifle)
  • Izanagi’s Burden (Sniper Rifle)
  • Thorn (Hand Cannon)
  • Lumina (Hand Cannon)
  • Truth (Rocket Launcher)
  • Bad Juju (Pulse Rifle)
  • Anarchy (Grenade Launcher)
  • Tarrabah (Submachine Gun)
  • Always On Time (Vehicle)

Shadowkeep Exotics

Shadowkeep Exotics

  • Leviathan’s Breath (Combat Bow)
  • Eriana’s Vow (Hand Cannon)
  • Bastion (Fusion Rifle)
  • Symmetry (Scout Rifle)
  • Devil’s Ruin (Sidearm)
  • Tommy’s Matchbook (Auto Rifle)
  • The Fourth Horseman (Shotgun)
  • Witherhoard (Grenade Launcher)
  • Ruinous Effigy (Trace Rifle)
  • Traveler’s Chosen (Sidearm)

Beyond Light Exotics

Beyond Light Exotics

  • Duality (Shotgun)

Legacy GearLegacy Gear

Legacy Gear are Legendary items that are no longer available from original quests and may instead be purchased from the Monument to Lost Lights.

The weapons included are each part of their Legacy Groups, making the following available:

Regular Weapons

  • Felwinter’s Lie (Shotgun)

Crucible Weapons

  • Luna’s Howl (Hand Cannon)
  • Not Forgotten (Hand Cannon)
  • Redrix’s Broadsword (Pulse Rifle)
  • The Mountaintop (Grenade Launcher)
  • The Recluse (Submachine Gun)
  • Revoker (Sniper Rifle)
  • Randy’s Throwing Knife (Scout Rifle)
  • Komodo-4FR (Linear Fusion Rifle)
  • Point Of The Stag (Combat Bow)

Gambit Weapons

  • Breakneck (Auto Rifle)
  • 21% Delirium (Machine Gun)
  • Hush (Combat Bow)
  • Exit Strategy (Submachine Gun)
  • Python (Shotgun)

Vanguard Weapons

  • Loaded Question (Fusion Rifle)
  • Nightshade (Pulse Rifle)
  • Oxygen SR3 (Scout Rifle)
  • Wendigo GL3 (Grenade Launcher)
  • Edgewise (Machine Gun)
  • Buzzard (Sidearm)


  • The gear in the Exotic Archive can be acquired as many times as you want as long as you have the materials to purchase them.
  • Be sure to view the weapon with the preview option to check if you are interested in purchasing to make sure it doesn’t go to waste.
  • The Exotic Archive will continue to have an increase in past items as Destiny 2 continues towards more future DLCs. 


The Monument to Lost Lights (Exotic Archive) acts as an NPC which allows you to view old Exotic and Legendary items from different times.

You can view stats and check out the special properties of the weapons and even buy them with a set number of resources if you want to.

The Exotic Archive is one of the most common ways for players to obtain some of the best Exotic items in Destiny 2.

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