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Yakuza Like a Dragon


– Bonus effects from meal combos purchased from the same restaurant can stack.
– If you still have existing buffs from previous meal combos, the newer buffs will overwrite the old ones.
– All unlocked meal combos will be displayed in the establishment’s menu so you can easily recall them.

Akaushimaru (Isezaki Road)
Beef Bowl (Standard) + Beer Attack Boost ¥850
Beef Bowl (Large) + Beef Bowl (Extra Large) + Miso Soup Attack Boost ¥1250

Bar Rodriguez
Caesar Salad + Crunchy-fried Chicken Skin + The Malt’s DEF Boost ¥2030
Chilled Tomatoes + Yakitori Platter + Suntory Old Whisky DEF Boost ¥2300
Spicy Cucumber Tataki + Shrimp Karaage + Hakushu DEF Boost ¥1500

Bee (Eatery)
Tomato and Mozarella Caprese + Bee Garlic Chicken Rice + Creme Brulee Ice Cake EXP Boost ¥1830
Mixed Nuts + Hot Nachos in Meat Sauce + Beer EXP Boost ¥1670
Caesar Salad + Chicken Basket + Fried Pasta EXP Boost ¥1910

Cafe Brave
Blended Coffee + Pain d’Epi + Special Pancakes DEF Boost ¥1470
Sandwich Set + Fresh Milk + Cream Latte DEF Boost ¥1660

Eomeoni’s Vow
Bulgogi + Sangchu + Beer Attack Boost ¥1950
Samyeop-sal + Perilla Leaves + Kyogetsu Green Attack Boost ¥1980
Dak-galbi + Eomeoni’s Kimchi + Rice Attack Boost ¥1800

Gindaco Highball Tavern (Isezaki)
Absolutely Tasty Takoyaki + The Kaku Highball Evasion Boost ¥670
Spicy Deep-fried Octopus + Cucumber Pot + The Premium Malt’s Draft Evasion Boost ¥1210
Cheese and Spicy Fish Roe + Welsh Onion Takoyaki + Blood Orange Highball Evasion Boost ¥1200

Harbor Light
Spicy Beef Soup + Pickles + The Premium Malt’s Slight ATK Boost ¥2250
Original Beef Curry + Potato Wedges + Kyogetsu Green Slight ATK Boost ¥2350
Gyoza + Chikuwa Isobeage + Hakushu Slight ATK Boost ¥1290

Kappo Katsumi
Course du Jour + Sweets du Jour EXP Boost ¥13000
Shokado Bento + Bonito Tataki EXP Boost ¥8400
Matsutake Rice + Seasonal Stewed Dish + Yellowtail Daikon EXP Boost ¥6880

Le Nouveau hama
Tournados Rossimi + Homemade Baguette + Red Wine Boosts money obtained from enemies ¥20500
Grilled Lobster + Shrimp and Urchin Appetizer (with Caviar) + White Wine Boosts money obtained from enemies ¥21300
Roasted Duck + Lamb Chops with Basic Sauce + Dessert du Jour Boosts money obtained from enemies ¥22500

Meng Wu
Shrimp in Chili Sauce + Mapo Tofu + Shaoxing Wine Enemies will drop more money ¥3130
Sweet and Sour Pork + Kanitama + Beer Enemies will drop more money ¥2190
Stir-fried Greens + Fried Rice + Oolong Tea Enemies will drop more money ¥1450

Pocket Cafe
Food Combo Effect Total Cost (¥)
Special Pancakes + Hot Milk DEF Boost ¥1180
Strawberry Parfait + Earl Grey Tea DEF Boost ¥1180
Blended Coffee + Blue Mountain + Mocha DEF Boost ¥1720

Sesil Cafe
Blue Mountain + Special Shortcake DEF Boost ¥1300
Blended Coffee + Special Pancakes DEF Boost ¥1250
Earl Grey Tea + Scone + Hot Milk DEF Boost ¥1040

Wette Burger (Isezaki Road)
Wette Burger + Tomato Onion Soup + Iced Lemon Tea Slight ATK Boost ¥1080
Wette Egg Burger + Wette House Coffee + Fresh Milk Slight ATK Boost ¥1110

Yoronotaki (Isezaki Road)
Sashimi Platter (5 pcs) + Edamame + Draft Beer (Medium) EXP Boost ¥2100
Hand-picked Vinegar Mackerel + Skewer Platter + Bakuhai (Whiskey & Beer) EXP Boost ¥1330
Stir-fried Bean Sprouts + Salted Yakisoba (w/ Sichuan Chili Oil) + Gyokuro Green Tea Shochu EXP Boost ¥1110

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