Yakuza: Like a Dragon – Management Mode Guide

A how-to guide for succeeding at running Ichiban Confections during the Yakuza: Like A Dragon Management Mode mini-game.

Yakuza Like a Dragon


During Chapter 5 in Yakuza: Like A Dragon, the party meets Eri Kamataki; the owner of Ichiban Confections. As you come to learn, the business is struggling so Ichi offers to help out. Aside from the first little bit that is mandatory as part of the unmissable Substory 15, the mini-game is entirely optional.


While Management Mode is optional, I would recommend it for a few reasons:

  • Progressing from the beginning to the end of the mini-game will net you a substantial amount of cash; easily enough to get you a ways into the story. Once you attain Rank 1, you can collect a lump sum of ¥3,000,000 for only a few minutes of next to no work.
  • You unlock Eri Kamataki as a party member that comes with the exclusive Clerk job. If you get her right away while still in Chapter 5, she will start collecting level and job experience earlier even when idle and make the next few chapters significantly easier.
  • You unlock a pretty powerful skill for Ichi that targets all enemies at a cost of 200 MP.


That said, I could see why some people might decide to skip it entirely:

  • The mini-game is sparse on a guide or tutorial aside from a very brief introduction early on. There’s a lot going on and very little is explained very well.
  • It is very time-consuming to reach Rank 1 and will definitely start to feel grindy towards the end.

Management Mode DLC

Additionally, a question I see come up quite frequently is “Do I need the Management Mode Set?”
Short answer: No.

Long answer: Having the Ultra-Rare (UR) employees will certainly speed things along for you, between their higher business operation skills and shareholder meeting stats. But even owning the DLC, you’ll still have to pay the employees daily and they are really expensive when just starting out. I didn’t start using them until I had a third location up and running, otherwise the staff costs would have ate up most of my daily revenue. They definitely made short work of the shareholder meetings too; so much so that I always managed to satisfy all shareholders which means the biggest boost to share prices and made ascending the ranks quicker than without. I never felt like I was ever in danger of missing any of Nick’s timed goals. If that as a stand-alone DLC is worth $10 USD to you then by all means pick it up. But don’t feel like it is absolutely necessary as it only helps make things easier/faster than they would be otherwise.

Property List

Property NameSales VolumeMaintenance ExpenseGross ProfitProfitability Ranking
Ichiban Confections3935380-100000383538032
Kanamachi Workshop1023960-24000078396044
Bar Twilight837510-18000065751046
Coin Laundry Muto681560-15000053156050
Takeya Restaurant1041380-28000076138045
Tokuda Store836320-18000065632047
Takiyama’s Photos720620-18700053362049
Mahjong Club Ling855910-20000065591048
Yamashita Assembly Hall No. 11005530-220000Gross ProfitProfitability Ranking
Property NameSales VolumeMaintenance Expense78553042
Indeed! Sushi1481690-330000115169039
Super Hamayasu1318120-300000101812041
Yokodo Bookstore2189790-492000169779034
Jibika Picture Gallery1673830-280000139383036
Ryusei Stage Theatre1549000-175000137400037
Pachinko Pirates928480-14300078548043
Mr. Brillio1624330-225000139933035
Fairytale Pinky Rabbit1384710-268000111671040
Oana Security1373120-180000119312038
Shochu Specialty Imokko-chan6212960-555000565796030
White Flag7863420-630000723342026
Karaoke GonGon10486590-950000953659025
Mansaku Tokiwa Fortunetelling6024790-100000592479029
Cat’s Servant15637400-5700001506740024
Akebi Capsule Hotel3810170-850000296017033
Café Piacevole25072500-17500002332250021
Shokichi Camera36160020-2250000339100209
GOOD JEWELRY27308930-17500002555893017
Mirai Stadium25969000-16000002436900020
Handsome Sailor22467620-16000002086762022
Kojiriko Aquarium30485740-17000002878574016
PDCA Trading Company40152740-80000003215274011
Waipu Production42800570-3000000398005706
Takumi Architectural Design35120020-22500003287002010
Taiyue Zone27590300-24000002519030018
Earth Shop WESN32866810-31500002971681014
Chituma Depot28035360-34700002456536019
Grande Blu Marino41903930-3950000379539307
Industrial Hall Building34450960-29000003155096012
Media Barter44843470-3850000409934705
Galaxy Land34928400-39000003102840013
Jinnai Stadium52021740-5050000469717403
Maltese Gull Tower33705610-42000002950561015
Red Park48060830-5000000430608304
Mirai Tower60250440-5500000547504401


Using the property list provided, I’d recommend running Ichiban Confections (since it can never be sold) along with any stores that have the highest profitability ranking you currently have unlocked, provided you can satisfy the stat requirements to maximize their revenue. Near the end of the game, that would be:

  • Ichiban Confections
  • Mirai Tower
  • Dianthus
  • Jinnai Stadium
  • Red Park
  • Media Barter

Thank You so much for reading through my guide! I would really appreciate if you would like this guide for it to gain popularity and help others getting into Yakuza: Like a Dragon. If you have any questions or constructive criticism you can comment on my guide.

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Written by: EightBitRanger

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