Amnesia: Rebirth – Curator Achievement Guide

This guide shows all currently known locations of the recorded memories within Amnesia: Rebirth for the “Curator” achievement.

Locations In Order of Appearance

There is a total of 17 recorded memories to be found within Amnesia: Rebirth. I provided a description to the actual location and added the content of the recorded memory as well so you can rest assured that you actually found the right one.

It goes without saying that you have to find all memories within the same playthrough.

This guide contains spoilers. Reader discretion is advised.

Memory 1 – “Blessed Tihana”

The first recorded memory is found in the Cistern. After seeing the ghûl crawl into a hole in the wall of the cistern, you will go down a flight of stairs. Follow the dark hallway to your left and traverse another set of broken stairs. You will enter an unlit area which looks like a spare parts storage with extra matches and oil. On the other side of the room, lit by sunlight shining through the ceiling, the memory capsule is stashed inside a chest, tucked away in a dark area.

Memory 2 – “Again confined”

The second memory is found on your second visit to the “Otherworld” after you were sucked into it by falling into a sandtrap. Once the level starts, the lair of Tihana is straight ahead. The memory is in the same room as her bed, vitae injector and the power conveyor triangle needed to open an unpowered door, standing on her desk next to a note.

Memory 3 – “White sun”

The third memory is found in the same level as the second. Kita’s vitae laboratory has a balcony which can only be accessed by moving the energy conveyor triangle of the translocator laboratory into the right position. This memory capsule is sitting right next to the barely-alive Kita at the edge of the balcony.

Memory 4 – “Red flesh”

The fourth recorded memory is in the same area as the third. Turn around while facing the third capsule and you should see a defunct fountain (powered by one leyden jar you need to progress) and another small laboratory behind it. Memory #4 is standing on the edge of the rightmost table coming from the fountain, right behind some experimental glass boxes filled with the shadow’s residue.

Memory 5 – “The scar”

The fifth recorded memory is in the same area as the third and the fourth. It is directly opposite to the fourth capsule, sitting on the middle table of Kita’s laboratory. Just turn around and you should see it.

Memory 6 – “Accession of Tihana”

The sixth recorded memory is easy to overlook if you don’t exactly know where to look. In your escape from the shadow in the tombs, you will find your first orb portal. In order to power it, you will need to find a large room with rotating pillars in them. Once you enter the pillar room, you will need to follow a curved hallway. At the end is an exit to the left, surrounded by wooden scaffolding. Entering the main room from the hallway, straight ahead, at the opposite end of the room is another doorway, accessible by stairs. Take those stairs up, move past the collapsed pillars blocking your way and take an immediate right. Follow the dark hallway almost to the end until you see another room to your left, lit by sunlight shining through a collapsed ceiling. Entering this room, take another immediate left. Move to the next room and look to your right. The memory capsule is sitting on a shelf between two vases and a defunct tablet.

Memory 7 – “Refinements”

The seventh recorded memory is in the vicinity of the vitae extractor. Follow the path from the entrance until you have to open a door. You will see a table and a chair in front of you. Moving into the right hallway, you should see a lit stairwell on your right. Descend these stairs and find the memory resting on a table, next to some neatly stacked cups and an unlit candle. You can also grab this memory after you have extracted vitae into the leyden jar as you have to exit the area the same way you entered it.

Memory 8 – “The shadow wakes”

The eighth recorded memory is right after you escaped Leon De Vries in the Hunting Grounds. Open the first gate per wheel. Shortly thereafter is another gate. You will find the memory capsule In a side room right next to the second gate, sitting on a table next to two large antique winecups.

Memory 9 and 10 – “It is time” and “Pavlos and Phila”

The ninth and tenth recorded memories are located next to each other at the tram station area. After climbing an unlit flight of stairs, follow the dark hallway until you enter a room. Right in front of you is a table with both memory capsules on it next to a large window.

Memory 11 – “Rustling grass”

The eleventh recorded memory is nearby the ninth and tenth. Progress the tram station area normally by opening unpowered doors to a vitae torture chamber. The empress will appear and advise you to create vitae to help your unborn child (which you cannot do yet). Exit the room by opening another unpowered door and enter the room behind it. Immediately to your left is a shelf on which the memory and a tablet rest.

Memory 12 – “The wind howls”

The twelfth recorded memory is in the same room as the eleventh. From the previous memory capsule, make a 90 degree turn to the right and move straight ahead. You will see another shelf with the thwelfth memory capsule on it.

Memory 13 – “Breakthrough”

The thirteenth recorded memory is also located in the tram station area. If you progress normally after the twelfth memory, you should move past a room with a vitae extractor pod and end up in a room with some banner dividers. Memory #13 is standing on a table, next to some tablets containing information about vitae subjects.

Memory 14 and 15 – “Papa” and “Son”

The fourteenth and fifteenth recorded memories are in the same room as the thirteenth. If you stand in front of the table with the previous memory capsule on it, turn around and you should see two shelves. One recorded memory is resting on a higher shelf while the other one is standing in front of the left shelf on the ground.

Memory 16 – “Sabotage”

The sixteenth recorded memory is after you passed the second vitae pod area guarded by wispmother creatures. Once you escaped these monsters, you will need to go down two sets of stairs. At the bottom you will find more vitae pods filled with humans. Continue by destroying the metal bars to the room with the vitae maintenance port using your bare hands. Said maintenance port will need to be sabotaged in order to progress. You will find all necessary tools for this in a backroom including memory capsule #16.

Memory 17 – “Taina”

The final recorded memory is found in the penultimate level, where the doctor escapes in an elevator. You will have to repair the other one in order to get to the final level. Once you escaped the broken elevator and moved through the vent, you should enter a room with a glowing red square symbol above another hallway. Move down said hallway and you will find the last memory resting on the ground to your right, in front of the maintenance port you sabotaged earlier.

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