Destiny 2 Vehicle Guide (How to Get, Summon, Speed, Customizing)

Destiny 2 Vehicle

Walking and running around in Destiny 2 can be a bit time-consuming and can sometimes slow you down when you need to get to public events or other activities.

Therefore, it’s best to use a vehicle as often as possible to help you move from one place to another to save time traveling and spend more time fighting enemies.

Players can use vehicles to travel around locations as long as it is permitted in the area to get where they need to go in a small amount of time.

Where to Get a Vehicle in Destiny 2?

You get your first vehicle in Destiny 2 after completing a mission called Cold Boot which is part of A Guardian Rises. This is obtained early when you first start in Destiny 2 Beyond Light and will make it easy for you to move around maps.

Once you have obtained the vehicle (Sparrow), it will be automatically equipped in your vehicle slot and will be ready to be summoned.

How to Summon a Vehicle in Destiny 2?

Once you have a vehicle, you can summon it by opening your Ghost menu which gives you options to Summon Vehicle, Return to Orbit, or Open Director.

Press the key/button assigned to the Summon Vehicle action and your vehicle will instantly be summoned with you mounting it.

At any time, you can get off the vehicle by pressing the jump key/button and ride it again by interacting with it. 

Vehicle Speed 

Vehicles have a specific speed which usually depends on their rarity, allowing you to ride faster with higher speed stats.

To view the speed of your vehicle, simply hover or select the vehicle and you will be able to see its speed stat along with whatever other features it may have.

Using a vehicle with a higher speed stat will allow you to travel around areas much quicker, saving you more time.

How to Change Vehicles in Destiny 2?

You can change your vehicle at any time you wish if it is in your inventory but it’s best to be in a safe area or you could end up getting killed while swapping.

To change your vehicle, you will need to open your inventory and swap to the Appearance Subscreen to view what vehicles you have in their respective slot.

If you have more than one vehicle in your inventory, simply select it and it can instantly be equipped, making it your new summoned vehicle.

How To Get Vehicles in Destiny 2?

While your first vehicle is a reward for completing the Cold Boot mission (obtained through the A Guardian Rises quest), you can get more vehicles in different ways.

Some vehicles may be obtained by opening Eververse engrams while others can be randomly acquired as drops or obtained as rewards.

If ever your vehicle slots are full, you can always store them in your vault for keeping, instead of getting rid of them.

How to Customize a Vehicle?

Just like with your gear, you can also customize your vehicle to suit your style, which is done by altering the colors in the Appearance Subscreen.

To do this, head over to the Appearance Subscreen and select preview on your vehicle and you will be able to choose mods for it.

You can change the color scheme of your vehicle based on which color sets you have obtained as you have played the game.

Changing your vehicle’s color scheme will not cost anything, nor will it consume the color scheme, allowing you to change them whenever you want.

Destroyed Vehicles

If your vehicle has been destroyed, there is nothing to worry about because you can summon it again at any time you want.

The only downside of your vehicle being destroyed is if you are riding it as this will cause you to take a lot of damage.

The best thing to do if you are riding and your vehicle is severely damaged are to jump off and simply summon a new one.


Vehicles can be a big help in Destiny 2 since some of the maps are quite big and jumping around would be silly and time-consuming.

You can even summon vehicles during missions in certain areas, allowing you to progress faster in them since you don’t always have to walk around.

To make things even better, you can also customize them, which helps make you look awesome as well when riding around.

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