Destiny 2: Beyond Light The New Kell Mission

Destiny 2 The New Kell Beyond Light Mission

  • Mission Type: Story (Beyond Light)
  • Mission Location: Europa
  • Mission Duration: 10-15 Minutes

A new power has been discovered and it was used against Variks, who you have recently aided and is now explaining what has been going on.

It is explained that the power used was Darkness, an opposing for to the Light which Guardians use on their ventures.

Your goal will be to search for Eramis, a user of this newfound power, and put an end to her plans before things get out of hand.

Mission Objectives

Find and Stop Eramis

Once the mission has begun, hop on your vehicle and make your way towards the waypoint, which leads you to the Eventide Ruins.

As you reach the Eventide Ruins, follow the waypoint and use the elevator to reach the Fallen city, Riis-Reborn.

You will encounter enemies as you reach the top after using the elevator and a barrier will be up until you clear the room.

Continue to fight your way past the Fallen enemies in the area and proceed to head further within the Riis-Reborn.

You will come across a dead-end as a barrier blocks the way and you will need stasis to get through and there will be another path to the left which you can enter and a cutscene will place.

Escape Riis-Reborn

Eramis has empowered her army with the new dark power and you will need to make a run for it as they are too strong to handle.

You will come across Phylaks, The Warrier as you try to escape, who is one of the first amongst the army to receive the power.

It will be impossible to defeat Phylaks and you will instead need to make a run for it, making your way towards the waypoint to make your escape.

Ignore Phylaks and head for the waypoint, fighting past the enemies or simply running past them if you can until you reach your ship, which is hovering nearby.


  • Use your vehicle to get to the destination as the road is quite long and you will save a lot of time.
  • Watch out for multiple enemies in the tighter areas, especially across the bridges as these can block you and kill you due to large numbers of enemies.

You will not be able to defeat Phylaks, instead just run past him and make your way towards your ship, even past the other enemies.


Eramis has used the darkness to make her army stronger and you had no choice but to escape this deadly situation.

It turns out you may need to find your way to counter this strange darkness that they have taken control of.

Variks will be helping you as you find a way to fight back against Eramis and her army who now have a new power.

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