How To Make Blueberry Crumblers in Destiny 2 (Dawning Event 2023)

D2 Dawning Event

If you remember Shaw Han, he’s still back at the Cosmodrome fighting off enemies and there is no better way to give him a break than to give him some goodies.

Blueberry Crumblers is one of the recipes for a holiday treat that you can make using Eva’s Holiday Oven during The Dawning.

The ingredients for Blueberry Crumblers are quite easy to get as you just need to shred the Fallen with several rounds of ammunition.

How To Make Blueberry Crumblers?

Blueberry Crumblers can be made after you have obtained the ingredients below during The Dawning and can be baked in Eva’s Holiday Oven.

Blueberry Crumblers Ingredients:

After obtaining all of the ingredients, you can find the recipe in Eva’s Holiday Oven and bake Blueberry Crumblers.

Blueberry Crumblers UsesDestiny 2 Blueberry Crumblers

“Deliver this fresh recipe to Shaw in the Cosmodrome.”

Blueberry Crumblers can be given to Shaw Han during Destiny 2’s The Dawning event, allowing you to get a reward in return.

Upon giving Blueberry Crumblers to Shaw, you will receive a Dawning Delivery which may contain legendary gear, Glimmer, and other goodies.

Best Way to Farm Blueberry Crumblers Ingredients

Bullet Spray simply requires that you defeat enemies using Auto Rifles, Submachine Guns, and Heavy Machine Guns.

You will also need Ether Cane, which is dropped by chance whenever you deal final blows to Fallen enemies anywhere.

The best way to obtain both ingredients would be to go to a location where there are several Fallen enemies and just shred them with the said weapons.


A good way to obtain the ingredients needed for Blueberry Crumblers would be at the European Dead Zone since there are a lot of Fallen there.

The Lost Sectors at Trostland are good choices since they are easy to complete and have a good number of Fallen spawning.

Shaw Han will be delighted to receive Blueberry Crumblers, and in exchange for giving them to him, it looks like he’s willing to give you a gift as well.

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