How To Essence of Dawning in Destiny 2 (Dawning Event 2022)

D2 Dawning Event

The Dawning is an event that requires you to get a substantial amount of Essence of Dawning, which is used when it comes to baking.

Essence of Dawning can be obtained in many ways and will be needed if you want to bake goodies to give to NPCs.

If you want to bake a lot of goodies to give out during the event, you will need to get your hands on a lot of this material.

Where To Get Essence of Dawning?Destiny 2 Essence of Dawning

Essence of Dawning can be obtained during The Dawning activity and the amount of how much you get depends on what you do.

How To Get Essence of Dawning?

Depending on what activity you do, the amount of Essence of Dawning will be different, some activities are more efficient than others.

The following are ways how to get Essence of Dawning and how much you get:

  • Gambit (17-22)
  • Nightfall and Playlist Strikes (15-19)
  • Wrathborn Hunt Tier II (15)
  • Crucible (11-12)
  • Heroic Blind Well (19)
  • Defeat Forge Wardens (19)
  • Wrathborn Hunt Tier I (10)
  • The Blind Well Tier II (8)
  • Non-Playlist Strikes (6-9)
  • Public Events (5)
  • Challenges (5)
  • Escalation Protocol (3 Per Wave)
  • Patrols (1-3)
  • Adventures (1-3)
  • Forge Ignitions (1-2)
  • Raids (1)

Gambit can be considered one of the best ways to get Essence of Dawning because it can be completed sooner and provides the most Essence of Dawning.

Playlist Strikes and Crucible follow after as they do not take too much time to complete and will reward you with a decent amount.

Essence of Dawning Uses

Essence of Dawning is used during The Dawning to bake goodies, which can be done in Eva’s Holiday Oven.

Aside from Essence of Dawning, you will also need certain ingredients which can be obtained from enemies based on how you defeat them.

Later on, once you have masterworked Eva’s Holiday Oven, the costs of Essence of Dawning will be reduced when you bake certain goodies.


Essence of Dawning is really easy to farm, as long as you know where to go and what to do but we have found that doing Gambit, Strikes, and Crucible is the best way.

Since you can get a lot of other rewards along with Essence of Dawning, they make the perfect choice to progress parallelly during the game.

The more Essence of Dawning you have, the more goodies you can bake, which later lets you get rewards from the NPCs you give them to.


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