All Security Drone Locations in Destiny 2

Security Drone Locations in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has brought a few more things to do with the introduction of Season of the Seraph, which includes hunting down hidden Security Drones.

These Security Drones are part of a set of Secret Triumphs that can be completed in each location once all of them have been destroyed.

Finding the Security Drones can sometimes be tricky but the more you do Season of the Seraph activities and explore the related destinations, you are bound to find them.

How To Find Security Drones?

To locate Security Drones, you must explore the various places where they have been placed as no marker points to them.

These will eventually be visible the more you do the activities or go to the destination where they exist, which is hinted at in the triumphs section.

As of now, there are a total of 50 Security Drones which are scattered in the following destinations and activities:

Whenever you want to see which Security Drones you still need to destroy, you can check the triumphs to know which location/mission as well as what Security Drones are left.

Each Security Drone has a specific number and our guides above will pinpoint you to the exact Security Drone that you need to destroy.

How To Destroy Security Drones?

During the earlier weeks of Season of the Seraph, players have been wondering what the Security Drones were and how to destroy them.

Once you have gotten your hands on the Revision Zero Exotic Pulse Rifle, you will be able to start destroying Security Drones.

To destroy the Security Drones with the Revision Zero, you simply have to damage them with the Exotic Pulse Rifle, which is easily done with a single pull of the trigger.

Security Drones Rewards

Each time you destroy a Security Drone, you will be rewarded with XP and Seraph Umbral Energy, which allows you to progress and later focus gear.

Upon destroying all of the Security Drones in one location or mission, you will unlock certain triumphs depending on where you destroyed them.

Once you have destroyed all of the Security Drones in all of the locations and activities, you will be able to obtain an Exotic Vehicle called the Archangel’s Retrofit.

How To Get Archangel’s Retrofit

The Archangel’s Retrofit is a new deployable vehicle that players may obtain after all Security Drones have been destroyed

To obtain the Archangel’s Retrofit, you will need to claim all of the triumphs that involve destroying the Security Drones.

Once all the Drone Destruction triumphs have been claimed, you may obtain the Drones Destroyed triumph, which rewards the Archangel’s Retrofit.


The Security Drones will not take too long to find as you may have already found most of them while you have been playing throughout the season.

Aside from getting the Archangel’s Retrofit as a reward for destroying all of them, the XP and Seraph Umbral Energy will be useful for progression.

Not only does this provide a good way to boost your progress, but you also get to familiarize yourself with the capabilities of Revision Zero along the way.

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