Heist Europa Security Drone Locations: Destiny 2

Heist Battlegrounds Europa Security Drone Locations

With the Security Drones now available to be destroyed, players need to search for them in various locations to complete one of the secret triumphs.

There are a few hidden Security Drones that can be found in Heist Battlegrounds Europa and these are easily spotted if you check your surroundings.

While there are only a few within this mission, some of them may not be easy to spot during the first few runs of the mission.

All Heist Battlegrounds Europa Security Drone Locations

There are a total of 6 Security Drones located in the Heist Battlegrounds Europa mission and we have listed each of them below for you to easily find.

1) Security Drone 11

Heist Security Drone 11

Security Drone 11 is found in the starting area where you first attempt to reach the entrant to Bray Exoscience.

It is easily seen when you are leaving Bray Exoscience as it is hidden behind a platform which can easily be seen by looking opposite from the entrance.

2) Security Drone 12

Heist Security Drone 12

Another Security Drone can be found in the first room within the Bray Exoscience and is hidden behind glass windows.

The Security Drone will be on the left side of the room and to reach it, you will need to jump through one of the openings on either of the sides.

3) Security Drone 13

Heist Security Drone 13

In the next hallway, after you have gone past the first room where you previously encountered a Hive Cryptolith, you will find another Security Drone.

While the hallway leads you to the left side, there will be a Security Drone tucked away at the side of some storage items.

4) Security Drone 14

Heist Security Drone 14

One of the smaller rooms where you need to clear the enemies to remove a barrier has a Security Drone inside.

You will find the Security Drone at the left of the room and it will be tucked behind a glass wall but can easily be shot.

5) Security Drone 15

Heist Security Drone 15

In the large room where you need to cross over and jump down, which later causes a Deathsong Chorister to appear,  there will be another Security Drone.

The Security Drone will be to the left of the first part and can be seen on top of one of the pipes, where you can easily aim at it.

6) Security Drone 16

Heist Security Drone 16

The last Security Drone that can be found in Heist Battlegrounds Europa is located where Clovis Bray is located within the Bray Exoscience.

You can find it on the left side at the corner at any time even if the enemies in the area have not been cleared out.


Most of the Security Drones in Heist Battlegrounds Europa can easily be spotted while others simply require that you take a good look at the area around you.

Finding all of the Security Drones in this mission is easy since there is only one that is a bit hard to reach but this is still doable as long as you make use of your jump ability.

After destroying all of the Security Drones in the Heist Battlegrounds Europa mission, you will have unlocked the Drone Destruction II triumph.

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